What is franchising

What is franchising? Vladimir Kulinich March 27, 2013 Many have heard such a word as "franchising." That is franchising, our article will tell. Franchising is a form of relationship between individuals and / or firms, in which the party number 1, called the "franchisor".

An amazing way to wash white clothes. Now my things shine clean

Awesome way to wash white clothes! Now my things shine clean Almost every person has at least 2-3 things of white color. Unfortunately, the white fabric does not differ in practicality, and by the end of the working day stains from sweat, foundation and.

What are the signs of missed abortion

What are the signs of missed abortion Pregnancy is the cessation of growth and development of the fetus, its death in the womb. This problem may occur at different stages of pregnancy, most often it occurs in the first trimester (up to twelve weeks).

How to connect sms package Beeline

How to connect SMS package Beeline? Milana Sarkina February 19, 2013 SMS package is a limited number of messages at a lower price than specified in the tariff. For subscribers of the Beeline network - Moscow sms package is a good way to save.

How to make a garden on the balcony

How to make a garden on the balcony The most popular vegetable for this are tomatoes. Beautiful clusters of fruit ripen in the sun from July to the most frost. On the balcony it is better to plant small-fruited cherry bushes and dwarf tomatoes.

What is Android?

What is Android? Speech in our article today, dear reader, will talk about what Android is. Few living now know that this operating system is very widely used in communicators, tablet computers, digital players and in many other devices. About this and talk. So.

How to buy a used car

How to buy a used car Instruction Start asking questions by phone already. Ask how many owners changed this one.carhow old he is and what mileage. Year of manufacture, then check, for example, by marking the glasses. Mileage can be calculated by increasing the.

Why does not start GTA

Why does not start the GTA? Some users of the game GTA sometimes encounter a problem when the game suddenly collapses or does not load at all. In this case, the question arises as to why the GTA does not start and how to.

Soup with coconut milk and noodles

Soup with coconut milk and noodles Ingredients Coconut milk400 millilitersVegetable broth1 literFish sauce2 tbsp.Shiitake mushrooms125 gramsCabbage bok choy (pak choi) (small)100 gramsRice vermicelli (dry)150 gramsTiger prawns (peeled)200 gramsGreen onions (feather) (chopped)6 feathersChile (red, peeled and chopped)1 pieceBean sprouts50 grams For decoration Green onions (feather).

Bank guarantee to enforce the contract

Bank guarantee to enforce the contract What it is A bank guarantee is a written obligation of the bank to pay a sum of money to the counterparty of its client if the latter fulfills his contractual obligations improperly or does not fulfill them.

How to choose tires

How to choose tires? The stopping distance of any car is largely determined by the coefficient of adhesion of the road surface and tires. Therefore, properly selected tires increase the safety and comfort of travel. Some people try to save money and buy cheap.

Tip 2: How to choose a quality laptop bag

Tip 2: How to choose a quality laptop bag If in the characteristic of the bag it is indicated that it is designed for 16-inch displays, then it is quite likely that it is suitable for laptops with 16.5 and 17-inch displays. But in.

What is true and what is false in the show of the Battle of psychics

What is true, and what is false in the show "Battle of psychics" Who are the participants of the show: gifted people or just talented actors? Mikhail Porechenkov: �Pay for tips� For 10 years, which goes "Battle of psychics", filmed for 17 seasons. Each.

Potato Stew

Potato Stew Photo: Dmitry Bayrak / dbstudio Ingredients Potatoes700 gramsBulb onions1 pieceCarrot1 pieceGarlic2 teethRefined vegetable oil3 tbsp.Pasternak (root)50 grams1/3 tspMarjoram (dried)1/3 tspPaprika (ground)1/2 tspBay leaf1 pieceGreen onions (feather)3 pen Servings: Preparation time:20 minutes Cooking time:30 minutes Flow temperature:Hot dish Processing Type:Cooking Kitchen:Russian Occasion:Everyday Season:year.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie went into debt

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie went into debt According to the magazine OK Magazine, the budget of a stellar pair went into minus by $ 35 million. Photo: Getty Of course, Brad and Angelina are far from ruin - they have many millions of.

Black Halloween Pancakes in Russian

Black pancakes "Halloween in Russian" Halloween in Russian - specifically for Woman’s Day. Breathe in the age-old Russian and light tradition of a bit of overseas “gothic” and get delicious pancakes of a very black-black color with red-orange caviar. Why not favorite color scheme.

How to cook garnished ham rolls with sauce

How to cook garnished ham rolls with sauce You will need - 300 grams of any ham; - 50 grams of any hard cheese; - 50 grams of boiled sausage; - 5 pieces. pickled plums; - 2 pcs. fresh apples, medium size; - 2.

How to cure a sore throat in one day

How to cure a sore throat in one day Treatment of angina at home Isotonic salt solution will help to clear the tonsils and oral cavity from the accumulation of microbes. Add a tablespoon of salt to a glass of boiled water, mix. To.

How to teach a child to be accurate

How to teach a child to be accurate It is possible to start teaching a child to be accurate from an early age, although it is not worth seriously demanding this from a child under 1.5 years of age. After all, in such children.

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