10 fastest runners in the world

Running well is not a bad skill, but for athletes it is the most important. But there are so fast runners that it is simply impossible to catch up with them!

We offer the top 10 fastest runners in the world:

  1. American Michael Johnson more than once became a champion. So, he won the Olympics four times and is an eight-time world champion. Michael is perhaps the most famous athlete and talented sprinter of the end of the last century, and his main specialization is 200 meters and four hundred. Noteworthy is not quite the usual manner of running Johnson: during the distance he maximally straightened and deflected back. It looked unusual, and rivals called Michael’s style absurd, but it didn’t bother the athlete, because he was confident and incredibly strong, which allowed him to repeatedly stand on the podium and defend the honor of the United States. By the way, no one tried to use the technique of running, so it remains unique, individual and exclusive.
  2. Usain Bolt is a native of Jamaica, who reached the peak of his fame at a very young age. He with ease and incredible speed overcomes one-hundred meters and 200-meter distances, and in the first discipline he is a current record-breaker who covered the distance in an incredible 9.58 seconds. For such speed, Usain is often called Lightning, and he proudly proves this nickname. Bolt absolutely deservedly received gold medals at the Olympics. In London and Beijing, he won a total of six top awards. In addition, the sprinter has repeatedly been included in the ratings of the best runners among men by the most prestigious and popular media.
  3. David Rudisha is Kenyan, whose “fad” is 800-meter distances requiring not only speed, but also endurance. And David, of course, possesses these qualities, which allowed him to achieve success. By the way, the boy decided to start his career thanks to his father, who was able to become the silver medalist of the Olympics. And the son in no way lags behind and even managed to surpass the achievements of the pope. The talent was noticed during school years, and in the 2000th the young man took part in the first serious competitions and became the silver prize-winner.Held in London in 2012, the Olympic Games brought the athlete another well-deserved victory, which became a world record. But David is young, energetic and full of energy, so that he will certainly delight with new achievements.
  4. Patrick Macau was also born in Kenya and began to develop talents from an early age. He grew up in a poor family and daily crossed the path to the school eight kilometers long. The boy not only got used to walking, but also did it easily and naturally, and later began to combine fast walking with running. Sometimes he ran home for lunch and ran back to school, and he was able to develop great speeds, and also liked to do it. In the early 2000s, a simple passion developed into professional sports, and in 2011 at the Berlin Marathon, Macau ran the entire distance in two hours and three and a half minutes, and the time was a record. But later there was a new achievement.
  5. Zersenai Tades Habtesilas is from Eritrea. His favorite and successful discipline is the half marathon, and in it he is five times ahead of all his rivals. He brought the first gold to his native country Eritrea, which so far remains the only one.The state tried to nominate Tades for four times as an Olympiad participant, but managed to do it only once: after running in Athens in 2004, Zersenai received a bronze medal, which was a real achievement for him and an incredible success.
  6. Among women, too, there are talented runners, for whom it is simply impossible to keep up. This is a native of America, Florence Griffith-Joyner, which is the record holder. And to beat her records failed to one of the fair sex. The athlete in the 88th year of the last century overcame a hundred-meter distance in just 10 and a half seconds, which was a real sensation in the sports world. And that year was a real breakthrough and career peak for Florence: at the Olympic Games held in Korea, she deservedly received three gold medals at once. By the way, some rivals doubted the reality of the results, accusing Griffith of doping, but failed to prove it. And just a year after this success, Florence left the sport and devoted herself to family life.
  7. Moses Cheruiyot Mosop - another Kenyan in the ranking of fast people. He is not just fast, but also incredibly enduring, because he specializes in long runs: twenty-five, thirty kilometers.Moses is an experienced marathon runner who took part in races in America and China. In the championship held in 2005, the athlete was able to get bronze, having overcome ten kilometers (half marathon). But one of the impressive victories is a marathon that took place in Chinese Xiamen in 2015. There, Mosop ran a marathon in just 2 hours and a little more than six minutes, creating a real sensation.
  8. Keninis Bekele Bejecha is an Ethiopian who has become an Olympic champion three times. His main specialization is athletics, and Keninis easily and almost naturally overcomes distances of five and ten kilometers. For the first time, Bekele conquered the marathon in 2014. It all started from the school bench, when young Beyecha ran up to ten kilometers to an educational institution so as not to be late for his lessons. Such inevitable workouts have benefited and helped, in 2002, to win the World Championship. But the next few years, Keninis continued to improve and reach new heights, which allowed him to enter the rating of the best runners of the planet in 2017.
  9. Hisham El Gerruj - two-time Olympic champion originally from Morocco.In addition, Hisham has repeatedly won the highest sports awards at the championships, better than rivals overcoming the distance of 1500, 2000, 3000 and 5000 meters. More than once, El Guerruj received the title of record holder, and the status of the best athlete was assigned to him three times. Surely the giddy career of this fast Moroccan would have continued if in 2006 he hadn’t been injured, which had prevented him from running again. But Hisham did not intend to leave the sport and decided to continue his activities as a member of the International Olympic Committee.
  10. Dennis Kipruto Kimetto was also born in Kenya and, you see, there are a lot of talented runners in this country. Dennis worked on a farm and decided to follow in the footsteps of his parents, who were running. Kipruto was inspired to watch the Olympic Games, which the Kenyan took part in. Then Dennis decided to combine his studies with running and began to train hard. Professionally, the guy was engaged in only one year, but still after such a short period of time he decided to test his strength and go to competitions. Dennis holds the world record, obtained by overcoming the twenty-five-kilometer distance on the highway.Later, Kimetto takes part in the legendary Sunday Marathon, which shows an incredible new time - two hours and almost three minutes. At the same time, the Kenyan received the title of the best marathon runner.

These were the fastest and most famous runners who can develop incredible speeds.

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