10 ideas that should be spied in street fashion

Fashion weeks are, as a rule, a story about the shows and presentations of new collections of designer brands. And, as we managed to make sure, eagerly wished that it always was. But since the most diverse public gathers on fashion shows, ranging from editors of reputable magazines to alternative bloggers from different countries with hundreds of thousands of Instagram subscribers, it’s sometimes even more exciting to watch guests than models on the catwalk. After studying dozens of street-style photographs from the past weeks of fashion in New York, London, Milan and Paris, we have collected some original ideas that can all turn into microtensions.

Three in one

If you believe that in the future clothes will be more functional, then consider that this future has already come. This thing can play its part and as a dress (for convincing you can even add a belt), and like a long shirt over short shorts, and like a light raincoat.

Street style

Denim permissiveness

What kind of jeans we didn’t see in the street style reviews: wide and at the same time shortened, with a torn long fringe or even two parts, as if they were actually shorts worn over jeans. This model is not shocking, so we’ll leave it on our list just for inspiration.

Street style

Sleeve Gloves

At design shows, these sleeves looked ridiculous and ridiculous as an idea for a theatrical costume or Halloween, and in this photo suddenly found an applied meaning - in fact, such long and warm sleeves can completely replace the gloves.

Street style

Shirt in a new role

Step # 1: You put your shirt back on. Step number 2: you unbutton the gate so as to open your shoulders as much as possible. A nice bonus: you can do this unusual trick with absolutely any shirt, whether it be a cotton shirt or a silk blouse.

Street style

Under the summer - autumn

Multi-layeredness as a reception in street fashion reaches its apogee, and at some point you even begin to believe that it would be time to erase the border between summer and winter wardrobe. Even then, in order not to do a spring-cleaning in the closet twice a year.

Street style

Pants with slits

When you look at this photo, you can once again regret that the summer will not return until next year, which means that we will put a reminder about this thing in our notebook for the future. By the way, mass market brands have already copied this model of trousers, so if you are seriously interested, then look for them in online stores using the code words split pants.

Street style

All prints to visit us

Trying to find some kind of logic in the combination of different designs for the concept is a boring idea that only limits your creativity and increases the time of gathering before you leave the house. In these images of logic is not noticed, all the known principles of color combinations are violated, but the sets look bright and interesting all the same.

Street style

New type of jewelry

The brooch from the old-fashioned accessory turns into a new key accessory, which now can be strengthened not only as an honorary order on the chest in the quantity of one piece, but as you please - including in chaotic order, as if this is not a separate piece of jewelry, but part of the conceived decor outfit, as in the photo.

Street style

"Sexy" knitwear

Who would have thought that we would ever say it out loud, but knitted dresses today can be much sexier than transparent lace models through which underwear shines through.The answer is why and how - in this photo.

Street style

Jacket in pants

After all the manipulations with the shirts, the experiments have reached the jacket: now it is transformed not only into a dress, but also into a blouse. And pay attention to the decoration in the neckline - it kind of delicately replaces the bottom layer of clothing under the jacket, and the solution no longer looks vulgar.

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