10 interesting films about post-apocalypse

The topic of post-apocalypse has become widespread, both in literature and in the world of cinema, which is not surprising, because many of us are very interested in what awaits our planet further. A distinctive feature of this genre is the development of the plot in the world (often its limited part), which survived a global catastrophe.

Often in the past, this civilization reached a high level of technical development, but most of the wealth created was destroyed, which determines the further difficulties of survival. As a catastrophe, most often, they use the idea of ​​a third world war, as a result of which nuclear weapons were used, an alien invasion or an artificial intelligence uprising.

The idea of ​​fear, hopelessness and horror of the destruction of the planet Earth was reflected with great success in many cult films of our time, so we have selected for you the top 10 best and most exciting post-apocalypse films.

1. “Mad Max: The Road of Rage”, 2015Surely, many of us remember the exciting 1979 film Mad Max, which literally blew up the heads of fans of such a movie.

After that, two sequels appeared on the screens, but 13 years have passed since then and here is the event: the most powerful post-apocalyptic action film will once again delight fans. A sea of ​​special effects, a constant sense of speed and adrenaline, as well as the approach of a social catastrophe, as well as possible, stirs the interest of the viewer in the picture.

2. “I am a legend”, 2007. Another version of the apocalypse, in which the main problem for humanity is a terrible epidemic of vampirism. True, of all mankind, only one person remains alive - Robert Neville, who, it must be said, has a very difficult time.

By day, he kills vampires, but at night he sits in a fortified house, fighting off bloodsuckers, and, in parallel, he tries to find a serum that will return the human form to the monsters. By the way, to watch this film is already for the sake of the leading roles played by the charming Will Smith in the very dawn of the forces.

3. “War of the Worlds”, 2005One name - Steven Spielberg as a director immediately says a lot.And the star duo starring Tom Cruise and the still very young Dakota Faning are an excellent addition to the obviously successful film.

The post-apocalyptic drama, which tells about the invasion of alien minds on planet Earth, at the same time, they are not suited for optimism. The main character has to find a way to save himself and his family in this apocalyptic chaos.

4. "The day after tomorrow", 2004. According to the plot, the Earth is actively moving towards an ecological catastrophe: on the one side the water element is raging and demolishing everything in its path, on the other - a destructive drought, which leaves no chance for further life. In the center of events is a climate scientist who, due to the proximity of the catastrophe, goes in search of his missing son.

5. “Planet of the Apes: Revolution”, 2014. As a result of the terrible epidemic that destroyed most of humanity, 10 years have passed. The remaining people are fighting for survival and hopefully believe in scientists, who promise to find a vaccine for the disease, however, when it will be - is unknown.

On the other hand, modified monkeys, the number of which is rapidly increasing, resulting in strong rivalry between them and the people who have survived.What this fragile world will lead to on the brink of war, you can see in this colorful post-apocalyptic action movie.

6. “Human child”, 2006. Fascinating sci-fi thriller, which was shot based on the book of the same name. The film received many prestigious film awards and was nominated for an Oscar.

In the center of the plot - the girl Ki, who is the last pregnant woman on the entire planet Earth. Humanity was struck by a terrible disease and now infertility reigns around, and to save the last child, the girl has to go through a difficult and dangerous path.

7. “Road”, 2009The entire terrestrial civilization was destroyed as a result of monstrous cataclysm, and the only food for the surviving people remained either canned food harvested before the disaster, or the same living people. In search of warmth and a better life, along the road, dotted with fear and ashes, are sent father and son, the basic lifestyle, which consists in trying to avoid cannibals and find food.

8. “28 days later”, 2002Another interesting and exciting thriller about the next end of the world, only now the main problem of humanity became monkeys infected with a special virus of aggression.Penetrating into the blood, this virus instantly turns a healthy person into a bloodthirsty zombie, who now has one goal - to kill all living things.

9. “War of the Worlds Z”, 2013. Next on our list is the apocalyptic drama about the most brutal and bloody war in the history of mankind. Suddenly, it turns out that all the “tales” about zombies and the living dead are true, which quickly spread to the real world.

10. “The Hunger Games”, 2012We are transported to the near future, in which the despotic state will rule, and the whole society is divided into districts - areas in which different classes live. Every year traditional games take place, the main meaning of which is to survive at the cost of other lives.

The games take away children and young people who will have to kill and fight the same as they are to return home. Such a ration was formed after the Great and Bloody Revolution, is it true, is it possible to call it “normal”?

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