10 most interesting films about the adventures of students

Student life is full of surprises, exciting adventures, funny, and sometimes scary moments, which is why films are often made about it. And which ones are the best and most interesting?

So, the 10 most popular films about students:

  1. "Social network"- this is a story about how one invention radically changed the lives of several young people. But these same people are ordinary fellow students, or rather, not the most ordinary, but rather gifted. One of them is Mark Zuckerberg, known all over the world today, who created and made the most popular social network “Facebook”. Mark was always an extraordinary man, who hardly found a common language with his peers. At Harvard University, where he studied, he had practically no friends. But he had a talent and was well versed in information technology. And the real push for him was the separation from the girl.It was after this event that he decided to hack the base of all female students and because of this he became popular. Attention was paid to him by the Winkloss brothers, who dreamed of their own social network and were actively developing. Together, they decided to create a site for the "elite" of Harvard. But when the first fruits appeared, everyone decided to appropriate them for himself. What will end this struggle?
  2. "Society of Dead Poets"Is a fascinating film about students, as well as one teacher who decided to break stereotypes and go against the system. Events unfold in a very conservative college for boys. Studying in it is boring and brings absolutely no pleasure, and teachers absolutely do not care about the problems of students. And it would have been like that if one day John Keating didn’t get a job at this school. He was very different from his colleagues by the presentation of information, as well as by the attitude towards his students. He was able to interest them and himself showed a genuine interest in them, due to which he became respected and gained authority. Once he was a student of this college and was in a secret club called "The Society of Dead Poets."John offered his students to resume the old tradition, and they discovered in themselves a love for poetry, beauty and life itself, thanks to which they were given the opportunity to go beyond the usual learning and understand what they are capable of and what they want.
  3. "The Imperial Club". William Hundert is a teacher with more than 30 years of experience. He loves his profession very much and tries to do everything to interest his students and to present his subject in a profitable way. But once the world of this man literally collapses. The newcomer Sedgwick Bell comes to the group. He is arrogant, arrogant, eccentric and self-confident. The new student behaves extremely defiantly, which causes discontent of William. The teacher first tries to pinch the student and makes him understand that this behavior is unacceptable. Over time, an open struggle begins, for which other students are watching with pleasure. Some support Sedgwick, others believe in Hundert. But soon the confrontation develops into a close relationship. It would seem that the battle is over, but who ended up defeated? And who will receive a quarter-century lesson?
  4. "We were accepted". This film is worth seeing at least in order to get a lot of pleasant emotions and laugh heartily.The main character Bartleby Gaines entered the university seven times already, and on the eighth he also received a refusal. But he is not alone, the hero has comrades in misfortune. But how can they convince their parents that their studies have begun? And how to win the favor of girls? It's simple! They will simply open their own university! But how long will it last?
  5. "Good Will Hunting". The main character, Will Hunting, lives in Boston slums and literally burns his life, disappearing in the streets and getting involved in crime stories. But he differs from other hooligans in that he is a real genius. He is not a student, but works at the Boston University as a cleaner and observes student life every day. Would he like to be one of these guys? No, it's much more interesting with bandits than in lectures. But one day a teacher learns about Will's abilities, who decides to help Hunting, but, to his surprise, receives a refusal. And yet, after another transfer to the police, the professor suggests to Will to undergo a course of psychotherapy, during which Hunting gets close to the doctor and begins to look at the world differently.
  6. "Menagerie"- This is a rather old, but noteworthy film, which tells about college students bearing the underground name "Menagerie". All students were divided into two fraternities, one of which includes the real “cream” of the student society and the children of rich parents. Another fraternity consists of the most difficult and troublesome students.
  7. "Faculty".If you like interesting thrillers, then this film is sure to please you. All events take place at Harrington College, Ohio. He was not the same as he was before, and now practically the “rubbish” of America is learning in him: losers, loners, unrecognized leaders, drug addicts, not the smartest teenagers, as well as ordinary guys whom fate has thrown into this place. The corridors of the building are shabby and half empty, and all students are constantly fighting with each other and with teachers. And everything would go on as usual, if the students had not begun to notice something inexplicable. The director of the institution has suddenly disappeared and does not make itself felt, and teachers and some teenagers behave more than strangely. And all this started to happen afteras one of the students at the stadium, he discovered an unknown insect, which, in favorable laboratory conditions, began to develop rapidly. And what if strange changes are connected with it? This and much more is to be found out by students who are still behaving adequately and are not subject to a general “epidemic”.
  8. "American Pie 2"- This is one of the most beloved and funny films about student life. The heroes of the first part are now in college, but still communicate with each other. On vacation, they decide to rent a vacation home to have fun. And here begins the most interesting and fun.
  9. "Dude". The main characters are Jeff, Dave and Sam - ordinary student-dolt who somehow miraculously managed to unlearn for four years. Of course, not always they were honest, and many estimates earned frank fraud. But suddenly the luck of this trinity ended, because the “nerd” Ethan found out about all their tricks and threatens to tell the dean about them. But he is ready to be silent if his friends will give him one small favor. They have to help the "wise" attract the attention of intelligent, popular and beautiful Angela.It would seem that this is quite simple, but suddenly Dave falls in love with a girl. How to be friends now? Help Ethan and successfully pass the final exam, but at the same time upset the lover Dave, or make the guy happy and admit to his deception? These three have a different plan. Now they need to somehow outwit Ethan, and this is not as easy as it seems. But love works wonders.
  10. "Road adventure". If you like funny movies, then you will definitely like this one. Josh is a simple student who was forced to leave his home and his girlfriend for higher education. Beloved boy is a real ideal. But the lack of female attention did the trick, and Josh changed the second half. In addition, he recorded the whole process on a video camera. And in order to atone for his guilt, he decided to shoot a declaration of love and send him to his beloved. But by mistake, he sent a spicy film with treason. And now Josh has to cross almost the whole of America, and to do it so quickly that the girl did not have time to get and watch the tape. With a guy takes his friends: "unfinished" drug dealer novice Rubin, a real pervert I-Ela, as well as a romantic and a little naive lover of dreaming and dreaming Barry.The company gathered, to put it mildly, unusual. And that is why the trip promises to be exciting, interesting, crazy and full of the most curious and ridiculous moments. Will Josh have time to intercept a compromising video?
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