10 of the coolest TV shows of 2015

If you watch the series, you certainly want to always be aware of and evaluate all the novelties. And which of them deserve special attention in 2015?

So, the top 10 of the best and most interesting TV series of 2015:

  1. "Betrayal"- This is a Russian TV series, which made an impression on many viewers. Still, because it describes personal relationships and family life, and “without cuts” and not in the best light. Can you be sure of your second half? Should I delve into my underwear, or is it better to live by the principle “you know less — sleep better”? Some heroes are in happy ignorance and idolize the elect, while others, on the contrary, constantly suspect the spouses of treason. But everything that is secret is always revealed. And the truth can be very bitter. And sometimes it leads to the most serious consequences. This is very well understood the main heroine Asya, who managed to simultaneously fool the heads of just three men: a loving but hiding their skeletons in the closet to her husband Kirill, chief Vadim, and also rescued her once a traffic police officer Nikita. And soon there is a third lover - young, arrogant and ambitious Glory.Asya thought she was keeping everyone under control, but events are starting to unfold in an unpredictable way.
  2. "Game of Thrones". This series, which is an adaptation of the cycle of books "A Song of Ice and Flame" by George Martin, has managed to become the most iconic among other foreign, and from the very first season. And let there be a lot of blood and very frank scenes, all this also catches and attracts the audience. But the plot deserves special attention. He twisted so famously that sometimes it is incredibly difficult to keep track of all his sharp turns and intrigues of the main characters. In the fifth season, which was released in 2015, events from the books “Feast of Vultures” and “Dance with Dragons” were described. The spectators are transported to the homeland of Prince Oberin Martel, that is, to the kingdom of Dorn. The game continues, because there are still many contenders for the Iron Throne. Each of them has their own reasons for obtaining power, and some have selfish goals. Who will be the winner of this game, and who will lose everything?
  3. "12 monkeys". The legendary film of the same name was seen by many, and the series is no less interesting. The future was not as bright as the inhabitants of the planet imagined.By 2043 the Earth has changed a lot. More than 93% of its population died due to an artificially created virus. Survivors are forced to go underground, since it’s simply impossible to live on the surface. The world has become inhospitable, cruel and dangerous. But recently, scientists have managed to find a way to travel in time. And the knowledge gained can help correct the mistakes of the past and change the present real world. The name of the developer of the virus and the culprit of the epidemic, as well as the date of infection of the first person are known, it remains only to find it and neutralize it. But even this did not allow to correct everything. This means that you need to start a new search that can help you learn a lot.
  4. "Whisper". Events unfold in a small town. Until recently, it was a quiet, cozy place, but suddenly very strange events began to happen here. And it all began with the murder of a woman. The FBI is connected to the investigation, and soon the main suspect is the little daughter killed. She claims to have heard some voices that said what to do. Baby would be considered crazy if this case was the only and usual. It turns out that the strange whispers are heard by all the children of the city.And murders begin to occur in different parts of this once quiet place. Children become murderers, and adult citizens, often rich and quite influential, become their victims. It takes several years to find out the reasons, after which the FBI agents put forward the main version. They believe that the children were subjected to zombification by extraterrestrial beings. But is it really?
  5. "Daredevil". The company "Marvel", specializing in the adaptation of popular comic books, decided to produce not only films, but also series. And "Daredevil" - one of her creations. The protagonist Matt Murdoch is a very gloomy character, one can even say the darkest one among other superheroes. The main slogan of the series - "Justice will be blind." And this phrase should be understood literally, because Murdoch is completely blind, and from early childhood. But this does not prevent him from doing justice, because the guy’s other feelings are so acute that it’s not necessary to see him. And also incredibly clever. All this allows Matt not only to be a successful lawyer, but also to always get to the bottom of the truth. But even he sometimes has to break the law in order to learn the truth and achieve justice.
  6. "Vikings". This series is worth a look, if only because it is based on real events that happened once. In those days, England was often attacked by the Vikings. These brave warriors are still famous for their heroism, and sometimes real cruelty. The main character of the third season, released in 2015, remained Ragnar Rodbrok. In the previous second season, he was able to take the throne, but thereby made himself a lot of enemies. The power has changed this warrior, and not for the better. His appetites are growing, and this can turn out for him in the saddest way. Power over the conquered lands is not enough for him. Ragnar wants to swim across the sea, see the new world and, of course, become his lord. In one of the episodes, the attack of Viking troops on Paris was described, but this is not the only large-scale and spectacular battle to be seen by the audience. Also, the plot twists will delight, and one of the key lines will still be Ragnar’s difficult relationship with his family.
  7. “Better call Saul”- this is a fascinating story about the difficulties and problems that criminal lawyer Sol Ghudman had to face,who decided to open his own office in Albuquerque in the state of New Mexico. By the way, these events precede those described in the legendary series "In All Grave". This is probably why “Better Call Saul” has become so popular and expected.
  8. "Dr. Ken". If you list the most anticipated series of 2015, then you can call this one. Why was everyone waiting for him? At least because the main role is played by Ken Zhong, who everyone knows thanks to the cult comedy "The Bachelor Party in Vegas 2". Ken is an ordinary doctor and quite a middle-aged man. But recently he has been plagued by failures: problems have arisen at work, children do not want to obey, his wife is also not smooth. And the hero tries to overcome all these difficulties, often with humor and without success. And the viewer remains to watch it and laugh.
  9. "Konstantin". This fighter with otherworldly forces is known to all thanks to the eponymous film that was released back in 2005. In the new series, the hero will remain the same, but from cigarettes, without which it is impossible to imagine him, he will get rid of. John Constantine saw demons since childhood, so he learned not to be afraid of them.And that is why God himself did not send him to hell for all the sins committed, but decided to leave him on Earth. But to save his soul, John will have to make a lot of effort. There are more and more demons, and they are plotting something very bad. Earth is in danger, so Constantine must always be fully armed. But will he be able to save the world and earn a place in paradise? Or is he destined to remain an eternal sinner?
  10. "Dark matter". This series tells about a group of people who were in space and woke up on board the ship. They are in a state of anabiosis and remember nothing at all. And they are all very different. Each has its own special character, certain views on life, habits and principles. But all passengers of the ship need to learn how to live together and become one team. Only in this way can they survive and find out who they really are.

And which of these series interested you?

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