10 of the worst poisons

To some people it may seem that poisons are something mythical and outdated, which existed in the pages of historical novels, and in scary tales or myths about kings. In fact, poisons are found everywhere, in the air, in drinking water and even in one’s own blood, although they also distinguish among them that pose a terrible threat to human health and life.

Some of them appeared naturally, that is, they were created in the plant or animal world, and man himself worked on creating some.

There are hundreds of insidious and deadly poisons on our planet that have been used to commit murder or acts of terrorism. It is rather difficult to determine which of them is the “best”, because the degree of impact and the subsequent result will depend on many factors that are constantly changing.

However, it is still possible to add a general idea of ​​the worst of them. So, get acquainted: 10 of the most dangerous and deadly for humans poisons that exist in nature or are created through laboratory research.

  1. Botulinum toxin. Many experts have come to the conclusion that it is botulism toxin that is, perhaps, the most dangerous and deadly poison on Earth. Just imagine: just one small tube filled with this substance is enough to destroy hundreds of thousands of people. Poison causes botulism - a serious disease that leads to paralysis of the central nervous system. Interestingly, this substance is quite common in use, for example, it is used in the well-known injections of "youth", Botox, and can also be used to treat migraine. The volatile nature and unpredictable behavior of Botulinum toxin makes it the most insidious and dangerous poison in the world.
  2. Ricin. The substance that causes death in almost any situation is known for having practically supplanted the "Anthrax", replacing it for mailing. It is considered a natural poison, as it is produced from the castor beans of the plant. To kill a person, just enough a few grains of powder. When inhaled, the first symptoms of poisoning appear after 8 hours, include headache, nausea, fever, vomiting, sweating.Death can occur in a few days, and sometimes earlier.
  3. Wi-Ex. It is the most dangerous chemical substance, which, despite all prohibitions and special status, is used by the armed forces throughout the world. It is a nerve gas, very toxic and, upon contact with the skin of a person, very quickly activates the terrible symptoms of poisoning, which range from minor nausea to hallucinations, paralysis and death.
  4. Gas sarin. One of the most deadly nerve gases, which, by the way, was originally produced as a pesticide, and today has become a chemical weapon with a powerful spectrum of effects. Causes complete suffocation, a person dies in just 60 agonizing seconds. Prohibited for production since 1993, however, there are many cases of its later use in chemical attacks and terrorist acts.
  5. Tetrodotoxin. Quite known poison of natural origin, which is full body Fugu fish. Her meat is a real delicacy in Japan. But in order for it to be safe for the human body, Fugu must be properly prepared, which not all cooks can do.If tetrodotoxin is still swallowed, the first symptoms of poisoning will appear after 30 minutes, and death - in 4-6 hours, however, there are known cases of death in 17 minutes.
  6. Mercury. Yes, exactly the one with which medical thermometers are filled. It is a heavy metal that is extremely toxic to humans and is lethal when inhaled by fumes, affects the nervous system, causes brain damage, kidney failure and, as a result, death.
  7. Strykhin. The dangerous substance, which has Ved odorless white powder, is obtained from the seeds of some trees growing in Asia. It is mainly used to harass small animals, even the smallest amount of it is dangerous for humans, and no matter in what form: absorption or inhalation. Poisoning is accompanied by nervous attacks, convulsions, vomiting and contraction of the muscles, which last about half an hour up to a lethal outcome.
  8. Arsenic. Perhaps one of the most famous and beloved poisons of book villains, since the symptoms of his poisoning resemble the symptoms of cholera. In high concentrations it can lead to painful symptoms, coma and death.
  9. Amatoxin. Poison of natural origin, which was derived from the most deadly mushrooms. It has a changeable character: it can affect the kidneys and liver, causing a fatal outcome in just a few days, and can affect the heart, while the unfortunate will also have a deplorable outcome, unless you use the antidote - a large number of penicillin.
  10. Cyanide. Known to many deadly poison, one of the fastest and most dangerous. Once in the body, it paralyzes the central nervous system, blocks the flow of oxygen, and also affects the heart and bloodstream. Death occurs in a matter of minutes, was used in ancient times, and in modern times was one of the methods of the death penalty.
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