10 outstanding Italian films in history

Italian cinema is a completely separate and unique section of the world cinema, their representatives are very different from the usual American or domestic films. In Italian plots there is always something special, deep and even philosophical, carefully thought-out plot lines, as well as unexpected and often tragic outcomes that leave a deep imprint on the viewer's memory. Always filled with a special atmosphere, they cause a storm of emotions, especially if you watch quality Italian cinema.

And although it is very difficult to do this, because the world of Italian cinema is amazing with its tremendous variety, we still chose the ten best and most impressive Italian films. Enjoy watching!

1. “Life is beautiful”, 1997It is difficult to name the genre of this film, because in it together melodrama, comedy, and even tragedy, in general, everything, as in real life.The plot is based on family relations, as well as military themes. During World War II, two Jews, a father and a young son, are sent to a concentration camp.

The father, in order to protect his son, invented a special game, thanks to which the child could survive, constantly hiding in the barracks from the guards. By the way, the main role was played by the director himself, and the film received many prestigious awards and prizes.

2. "The Taming of the Shrew", 1980Easy and just beautiful Italian comedy, in which the main roles were played by the inimitable blows from Andriano Cilintano and the delightful Ornella Muti. By the way, this couple did not dwell on relations within the framework of the cinema, but transferred them to real life. According to the story - the main character - farmer-misogynist, boor and just a rude who is not going to change anything in his life. But everything changes with the appearance in his life of a rich and extremely cute beauty Lisa.

3. "The Legend of the Pianist", 1998.One day, a baby was found in a box of lemons on board a steamer. The boy spent his whole life in the sea, never even without going ashore. During this time, he miraculously learned to play the piano and easily entertained passengers with his virtuoso ability.It must be said that there are still beautiful legends about this mysterious and great pianist.

4. "Disgusting, dirty, angry", 1976Next on our list of the top 10 - perhaps the best tragic comedy in Italian, which reflects all the realities of a small but real world in a particularly bitter, but at the same time ridiculous manner. Directed by E. Scola managed to believably tell about the poor and the deprived, who settled in a pitiful shack on the outskirts of Rome. In the center of events is the world of one, but a very large family in four generations, which, as it can, gets along with each other and somehow survives in a complex big world.

5. The Bluff, 1976An interesting comedy from sunny Italy, which will make its spectator laugh heartily and relax well. In front of you are the adventures of two crooks who are doing quite well at their jobs, but, thanks to their cunning, they don’t really want to share with the Italian mafia operating at the time.

6. "Malena", 2000The Italian drama of the beginning of this century, which quickly became the hallmark of the magnificent Monica Belluci. A film about endless human cruelty and envy, especially when it comes to a beautiful woman. The motion picture was nominated for many prestigious awards, including the Oscar and the Golden Globe.

7“The Room of the Son”, 2001A touching and piercing family drama about how to survive the loss of a son and brother, and start a new life without it. The film received the prestigious Golden Palm branch and was nominated for many other awards.

8. “Do not leave”, 2004A bitter deep drama about a sudden outburst of feeling between a beggar immigrant and a successful doctor and a responsible family man. The leading actors received national Italian awards, and the film was also shown in the program of the famous Cannes Film Festival.

9. "The smell of a woman", 1974Another vivid example of a comedy in Italian, which can be very different, in this case - bitter and complex. The story of a blind captain who knows a lot about beautiful women, and their smell means much more to him than to any other deceiver.

10. “Great Beauty”, 2013Perhaps, two years ago, this movie was not discussed only by the lazy, it thundered to the whole world and easily received several serious awards, including the Golden Globe and the Oscar statuette. The story of an elderly and influential journalist who realizes only at the end of his life,how foolish and senseless to pursue the untold riches that deprive a person of the true values ​​of life.

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