15 photos that deny that man is the most intelligent creature on the planet

3We are all accustomed to thinking that it is man who is the pinnacle of evolution and occupies the first place in the ranking of the most intelligent creatures on the planet. Scientists talk about it and write in books, but sometimes people behave in such a way that they want to doubt the veracity of these facts. Maybe this is still a mistake? Perhaps scientists meant not all people, but some specific representatives? Maybe a couple more experiments to confirm these hypotheses?

Anyway, here are 15 photos, vividly illustrating that people have something to strive for!

№ 1. What could be more strange than the desire to be like something inanimate?


# 2. When winter fishing went wrong.


Number 3. Fluffy - does not mean good!


No. 4. When asked to give a friendly shoulder, but something went wrong


№ 5. A unique means of transportation - with the comfort on the road!


No. 6When ready to do everything for the coolest pictures from the holidays


№ 7. When very interesting, but not very scary


№ 8. A great way to relax with a light


Number 9. All for a cool photo!


№ 10. Inventiveness is not a flaw


No. 11. When the trick is too effective to be safe.


№ 12. When everything is tired, and you want something cool!


№ 13. When you dream of becoming Superman, but not enough superpowers


No. 14. The illusion of security looks like this.


№ 15. With comfort and breeze domichim!



It was 15 photographs, which cast doubt on the immutable truth that man is the most intelligent being on the planet. Let us try to justify this proud title, which we are so pleased to wear.

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