15 variants of stylish casual hairstyles

Every woman wants to stay beautiful, but sometimes in the morning she pulls herself to soak up in a warm bed, and there is very little time left to pack. Therefore, today we want to share with you a selection of 15 options for everyday hairstyles that will help create a fashionable image in 5-10 minutes.

1. Aerial Dutch spit with a low beam

1. Take three strands in place of the beginning of the braid. Lay the left strand under the middle, then the right one.

2. Separate a small strand to the left of the pigtail, add it to the strand on the same side, and again lay it under the middle one. Then repeat from the right side.

3. Continue to weave to the desired length. When all the locks are plaited in a pigtail, make a bundle of a scythe and secure with invisibility.

2. Elegant feminine bun

1. Gather all the hair together and twist it slightly at the top of the head.

2. As soon as you have a flagellum, start spinning it in a circle.

3. Fasten the bundle with a rubber band for hair and slightly straighten it so that there is a slight negligence effect.

3. Fishtail

1. Carefully comb hair.Select a triangular strand in the parietal zone and divide it into 3 equal parts.

2. Bind the strands together in such a way that you have 2 strands in each hand.

3. Continue weaving, doing pickup on each side.

4. Secure the tip of the braid with a rubber band.

4. Sloppy bunch

What can be better than a sloppy beam that will give playfulness to the whole image?

5. Vintage curls

1. Apply mousse or spray on the hair roots and blow dry with a hair dryer, slightly beating the hair at the roots.

2. When your hair is a little dry, use curlers for curling at the ends.

3. Dry the hair with a hair dryer at an average temperature and fix the hair with lacquer.

6. A bevel in the style of a boho

1. Make a horizontal parting on the hair from ear to ear and fasten the remaining hair with a hairpin.

2. At one temple, separate the strand and divide it into three parts. Twist them twice, like a regular braid.

3. With each new crossing, add thin loose strands left and right. Continue weaving to another temple.

4. Secure the tip of the braid stealth, fastening hair with lacquer.

7. Coachella Style Beams

1. Carefully comb hair, divide hair into two parts and make a parting.

2Twist the hair into 2 small buns and secure it with stealth.

8. The oval beam

1. Apply varnish on your hair, twist a small oval braid, starting from the hair roots.

2. The remainder of the hair is fixed inside the oval harness, attaching the hair to the invisible.

9. Inverted tail

1. Collect the hair in the tail and secure with a tight elastic band.

2. Above the rubber band, make a small hole with your fingers and pull the tail through this hole.

10. Volume bundle

1. Gather the hair in a high tail and secure with a tight elastic band.

2. Make a bundle and weave braids out of hair, placing them around the base of the tail.

11. Bow of hair

1. Take 2 strands on both sides and tie them with a rubber band.

2. Divide the tail - the ringlet in half.

3. Now we take the free end of our tail, toss it back through the middle of the divided tail-ringlet and fix it with stealth.

12. Malvina

1. Divide the hair in front into two parts.

2. Pull the hair back and tie a knot so that one strand of hair looks up, and the other down.

3. Upper strand close the nodule. Adjust hair if needed.

4. Connect the top and bottom strands of hair and pin the hairpin.

13. High tail braid

1.Make a side parting and braid the braids on both sides.

2. Add a pick-up top and bottom for each binding.

3. Dole braids to the middle and combine into one rubber band.

14. French shell in a new way

1. Make a side parting and fix the hair of the most part into a loose braid.

2. Lay the harness with a wave and tuck the invisible.

3. Twist the strap on the other side.

4. Take the strands one by one, laying them in waves.

15. Unforced bundle

1. Make a ponytail and divide it into 3 parts.

2. Pin the tips of the strands inside.

3. Fix all parts at the top, freeing the back of the head.

4. Twist the bangs in the opposite direction and put on a beautiful bezel.

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