5 excuses that pull you back

"I am not ready"

One of the most popular excuses by which you can slip off the battlefield and yet not lose your dignity in the eyes of others. We grab this phrase as if it were a lifeline, because we are afraid of change. After all, because of them have to do something extra. And laziness.

The most interesting thing is that no one is ever ready for change. Moreover, they can never be prepared "perfectly." For example, you know that you will soon be teaching, and reading a lot of books, restoring in memory what you were taught in the institute, listening to the advice of familiar teachers - still this knowledge will not be enough, because the main thing is your personal experience. And it will be radically different from what you read in books or hear from colleagues.

Only a small number of people feel completely ready for a new life stage, the rest decide that they are more influenced by - desire or fear.

What to do?

If you feel the inner trembling, that it's time to change work / specialty, enroll for refresher courses, open your own business, - act. This moment has come.

"I am not tuned today"

That’s what a friend told me, who herself volunteered to change my fur coat. I was in no hurry, so I left my order with her and watched what would happen next. "There is no inspiration", "The child pissed me off, today I will not do anything, I'll spoil everything", "I'm depressed" - I received such answers.

What to do?

We take out commodity-money relations and terms of execution of duties for brackets and we will think, and what prevents to make to us that is necessary?
Not the right mood? So it may not be tomorrow. Tomorrow something can also happen that will knock you off track.

Do not want to do it in principle? Then do not promise or reassign to another who will do no worse.

Drudgery? Yes, there are a number of such tedious things that turn our lives on groundhog day. Try not to wind yourself up, imagine what kind of unhappy you will become if you apply for this business. Turn off the nuisance pity and start working on the machine. You will immediately notice how you get involved in the process, because the appetite comes with eating.

“Do I have to burst?”

If you attack others in this way, it's time to calmly reflect on the prioritization. Life does not stand still, our profession, position, social status is changing, new family and social roles are emerging, and after all, responsibilities are growing.You will not return to childhood, and therefore it remains only to delegate and distribute duties.

What to do?

If you do not have time to do important things, it means that it goes to something unnecessary, untargeted, irrational. Review your life tasks for a week or a day, as convenient. Honestly describe what you did today and how much time it took. This work will help to remove irrelevant goals from the list, classes with dubious results (for example, idle talk in social networks), as well as cases in which you invest more than you get. Thanks to this defragmentation of tasks, you will definitely have time to do really important things. And believe me, they will not be as many as it seems.

"I'm not good enough for this" / "I can not do it"

Once in an article about the stereotypes of thinking, I said that we think of a lot of ourselves as a result of negative experience. And because of this, our attitude to ourselves and our assessment of our strengths and weaknesses often differ radically from reality. American psychologist and meditation teacher Tara Brah says: "Our thoughts are real, but not always true."

What to do?

Do not cling to your negative thoughts, if only because they are subjective and one-sided.Also do not give in to provocation and humiliation on the part of your internal censor - you at any moment have the right to risk or at least try. And in the process already navigate. And if there are like-minded people near you who can support you at any time, it will be just fine.

"I will do it when ..."

... earn enough money / buy an apartment / get the right connections / decide a long-standing conflict with relatives / (its own option).

I will tell you a secret: this sacred moment will never fall on your head. All things associated with success, are earned, formed, acquired and solved.

What to do?

If you really want to achieve what you wrote after the word "when", and wait for a certain moment - this moment has already arrived. And it was today, because yesterday you missed it.

If you do not know where to start, do not despair. Surely you already have some of the above, and let it be the engine of your personal progress.

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