5 original ways to prepare a child for school over the summer

Preparing a child for school over the summer can be neat and interesting. Your little sons and daughters will not even understand that caring parents do not just play with them, but repeat the multiplication table and the rules of punctuation and spelling, train attention, logic and observation. A special role here in adults - they must think out a strategy, set specific goals and set a clear scenario. And then everyone will be fun and informative.

Home quest

Quests are different. Playing them, you can bring up any character traits and at the same time practice your knowledge. Therefore, this type of summer practice for a child is one of the most attractive. The child can be sent on a treasure hunt to travel around the house or the cottage area, where to find another clue, he must solve puzzles, solve difficult arithmetic problems, correctly name all continents or oceans, and then make a code word from the first letters of words.

5 original ways to prepare a child for school over the summer
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You can think of stages as you like! Tasks on the degree of difficulty to arrange in ascending order. To make the game either command or individual.

And you can enter into the quest actor. It is fun if it is the parent himself who plays, for example, a fairy, who gives hints, or an alchemist who gives out a gold coin for each correct answer.

Such leisure activities can be made an excellent weekend tradition. Having fun, the child will not even notice that he is repeating the school curriculum.

Quiz contrary

Children like to catch adults for their confusion and forgetfulness. Switch roles and have your child prepare you for a specific subject. Compose a legend as if an exam is waiting for you at work. But you do not have the slightest desire to look for information, let alone memorize it.

Admitting frankly, you will receive an ally in your ranks who will happily prepare you for a difficult challenge.

Give him the tools: pens, books, sheets, and assignments. For example, you have a new project associated with historical reconstruction, but you have long forgotten the events of the XVIII century, taking place in Russia.

5 original ways to prepare a child for school over the summer
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I am sure many tricky questions await you this time.You can prepare the game with dates yourself. Take the important events of the selected period, on the small-sized rectangular sheets write the day, month, year when they occurred. Stir the cards between them and lay the sheet with the blank side up. And now, raising the card, tell me what happened on that day and year. It is necessary to stray, get confused and fall into a stupor. Then sympathetic children will help you.

Thus, you can play with any era and country. In general, in any subject, even in chemistry.

Letter to the past

Yes, it's difficult to take a pen and paper in your hands when a river, a bicycle, a ball and volanchikas are beckoning outside the window. But one evening you received a letter in the mail. The paper is old, rare, the words are slightly visible, so it becomes clear that they wrote with milk. To read the text, you need to arm yourself with a candle.

And so, when the letters came through, you see that it is a cipher. Here is only half of the text is lost, and what it is about in the letter - you have to guess.

Leaving the child alone in this task should not be, as he, faced with difficulties, can postpone solving for an indefinite period.Therefore, sit down and think together, what kind of message came to you in the mail with a stamp of a century ago.

5 original ways to prepare a child for school over the summer
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Board games

Nobody canceled noisy board games in the family circle. Here any will suit: and Crocodile for the development of figurative, associative thinking, fantasy, contributing to the fight against complexes, and Compose the word for attentiveness, memory, speed of reaction, literacy, vocabulary expansion and horizons, and Geometry on acquaintance with geometrical figures, signs, mathematical terminology and many others.

The main thing in preparing a child for school is his desire to gain new knowledge, discover secrets and search for secrets, and not sit out for hot days behind lined notebooks.

Home Theater

If your children are artistic, then they can be offered to make a home play for your favorite book from the list of literature for the summer.

Roll the feast all over the street: call friends, make scenery and sew costumes, distribute roles, learn the text and try yourself in the role of real actors of the theater. Most likely, you parents will have to take part in this fun.

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