5 secrets of stylish Instagram: how to be in trend

Beautiful photos have their secrets, and they are not so scary and complex.

Not having an account in social networks is already considered bad form. In the digital era, when the Internet has become the main source of information and communication, a decent profile is considered the key to successful promotion of yourself and your ideas. And if it seems that good photographs necessarily require a super-fancy technique or a diploma from photography courses, then this is not true. You can do with one phone with a decent camera.

Secret number 1: solid profile

Do not turn Instagram into the piggy bank of identical photos of yourself beloved. The public perceives such profiles with sarcasm, and their owners consider it too obsessed with themselves. Of course, nobody forbids selfies, especially as modern phones create all conveniences for them. For example, the front camera of the new Huawei P smart smartphone can be controlled with a gesture. However, an account with its own colors and photos in a single style looks more attractive and solid.

Photo: archive of press services

Secret number 2: find the key element

A good photo is based on the key point: the dominant lines in the landscape or the figure in the background. What is needed is that it can immediately attract the viewer's attention, but rather tell a story or evoke an emotion. These photos reflect the natural course of time. If several key elements are outlined in the frame at once, then you need to be able to find harmony and not clutter up the photo. Not sure about the composition - make room for air. Minimalism in photos is now in fashion

Secret number 3: portrait mode will make pictures more interesting

The bokeh effect (bokeh, bokeh or bob), which is obtained when shooting with a portrait lens, consists in slightly blurring the background of the photos and creates a feeling of a tangible depth of shots. Today, this effect can be obtained not only when shooting with a professional camera or post-processing of images, but also when using smartphones with dual cameras, such as Huawei P smart with a resolution of 13 megapixels and 2 megapixels.

Photo: archive of press services

Secret number 4: remember to take pictures of the serial

Especially when it comes to shooting in motion. So you can capture all phases of movement, and then choose the most spectacular photo.However, before you start the series, you need to adjust the light and focus in advance, so as not to regret it later.

Secret number 5: play with applications

In the end, they were not created in vain. However, non-professionals should be careful with effects and experiments, otherwise your pictures with porcelain faces and high contrast will cause laughter rather than admiration. For example, for the convenience of processing photos and videos, Huawei P smart is equipped with a split screen function that allows you to quickly and comfortably work with information and share data.

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