50 ideas on how to make your home better

How to save money while doing something good for this world? How to always be in a good mood? IKEA released a book called Make the Home Kinder, in which she shared the principles of a happy and eco-friendly life.
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Sustainable living makes people happier
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1. Always get good sleep. Cover windows with blinds or blackout curtains so that light and noise from the street does not disturb you.

2. Sleep in the cool. Open a window or turn off the heating in your bedroom.

3. Give new life to old things. Almost all unnecessary or discarded things can be turned into something new.

4. Look for old or used objects and materials for your home. When buying old toys, make sure that they are not made of PVC and are not covered with lead paint.

5. Set up cozy places to take a nap or read at home.

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Air often and sleep with the window open
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6. Breathe in the fresh air: create a jungle of decorative leafy plants at home that will purify the air.

7Try to use environmentally friendly materials: traditionally grown cotton or fabrics made from bamboo, hemp or recycled polyester fiber.

8. Hang blankets and blankets for airing (but be careful during the flowering period of the plants if you suffer from allergies).

9. Use biodegradable detergents and laundry detergents.

10. When washing clothes, try adding a little vinegar instead of rinse.

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Erase only when fully loaded.
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11. Clean clothes - clear conscience. Whenever possible, wash in cold water using the shortest washing programs. Start the machine only when fully loaded.

12. Instead of washing your clothes only once, air them. So you will save electricity and save clothes from excessive wear.

13. Organize your life! Determine a special place where you will hang clothes for airing.

14. Save on the ironing - hang up the washed laundry so that it does not have to be ironed.

15. A mechanical floor brush allows you to clean silently and pay less for electricity.

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Save water - take a shower, not a bath
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16. During cooking, cover the pots with lids and use hot water from the kettle to conserve water.

17. When you have to change faucets or shower heads, choose models that help save water.

18. To pay less for water, take a shower instead of a bath and do not wash for a long time.

19. Save energy with fabrics. The curtain on the front door will not allow the room to heat up in summer or cool down in winter. Carpets also help maintain a comfortable temperature.

20. Switch to energy-saving LED lamps. They consume less electricity and do less damage to the environment.

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Herbs will fill the house with a magical spicy scent.
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21. Dry in your home aromatic herbs and use them all year round.

22. Grow your own vegetables and fruits for the sake of flavor, freshness and your own peace of mind.

23. Do not hurt the bees! Plant plants that attract them and bloom in full color.

24. Mulch the soil so that it retains moisture, and weed out the weeds, which rob water from useful plants.

25. Plant edible flowers to make your dishes brighter.

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Think of a cozy hut where you can read together or play.
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26. Put buckets under the gutters, collect rainwater and use it for irrigation.

27. Canned fruits and vegetables for the winter.

28. Start the dishwasher and washing machine with only a full load.

29. Do not drain the water in which you washed the vegetables: it can be used for watering.

30. Set up a house so that several people can live in it, and call friends for help!

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Place your inventory in order not to buy too much
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31. Get organized in the storage room to make the most of the space and not buy anything that you already have.

32. Do not rush to throw away products. Trust your eye and nose, not just the date on the package.

33. Store bulk products - rice, lentils, flour - in transparent sealed containers so that nothing disappears and you can always see how many products you have left.

34. Keep a separate shelf in the fridge with the words “Eat me”. Put there products that have expired, and eat them first.

35. For cooking, try to use primarily organic products.

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Familiarize children with nature and garden together
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36. Grow vegetables and herbs right in the kitchen.

37. Get the blades of different sizes so that you can finish the contents of all the jars to the last drop.

38. Carefully sort the garbage. Almost any free space can become a sorting station.

39. Do not throw away weeded weeds - they have a lot of nutrients. Soak them in water to get natural liquid fertilizer for plants.

40. Do cosmetics and personal hygiene. So they get clean, safe and without chemical additives.

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With flowers and herbs your dishes will be more interesting and tastier.
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41. Plant as many trees as possible - they will create a shadow, and it will be easier to breathe.

42. Ride your bike.

43. Unpack the products, arrange them in the refrigerator correctly. Remove plastic packaging and transfer products to glass containers to keep them longer.

44. Find out from what area the tree you are buying for construction or from which your furniture is made. Look for wood from certified suppliers or recyclable wood.

45. Plant seeds in paper pots and watch them grow with your children.

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Shopping on your bike is fun and useful.
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46.Lend the necessary things to your neighbors and exchange with them all - from tools to furniture. Drive up each other if you have such an opportunity.

47. Choose plants growing in your area that are better adapted to the climate and soil of the place where you live. They need less maintenance and fertilizer.

48. If your home is not gasified, buy an induction cooker to save time and energy.

49. Make the house brighter and save electricity with reflectors and directional lights.

50. Arrange a workplace with an adjustable height table at which you can work while standing. This contributes to proper blood circulation.

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