52-year-old Elizabeth Hurley posted a naked selfie in the bathroom

The actress boasted a girlish figure.

18 years ago, Elizabeth Hurley starred in the film "Blinded by the Desires." The actress played the role of the sexual devil, who is buying up other people's souls. And so many years have passed, and Elizabeth has not changed at all. So who else has sold his soul to someone is a big question.

At 52 years old, the actress is not shy about posting photos in bathing suits to Instagram. And rightly so! There is something to see. Moreover, Elizabeth is now in full swing designing swimsuits: she does it herself, advertises herself.

And recently, Hurley and did put a naked selfie in the bathroom. The charms of the actress hid only her panties and a light cape, of course, from the new Elizabeth collection.

Photo: @ elizabethhurley1

Such a frank photo in “Instagram” actress fans have not yet seen.

"Admit that you are doing to look like this," demanded the fans.

“It's getting sexier every year,” admired the fans.

However, Elizabeth does not hide the secrets of her beauty.Every day she starts with a glass of warm water. Always with him Hurley holds a bottle of mineral water. Water saves the actress from hunger and improves skin tone. And of course, you have to limit yourself to food. No chips and flour. Elizabeth does not eat pasta, fried food, does not drink sweet soda.

The actress lives outside the city on a ranch where there is no large fitness club. Therefore, going to the gym replaces her jogging with your beloved dog. And to keep her body in good shape helps her cold shower and rubbing.

Well, if you just decided to do your figure, here is a selection of beach photos of 52-year-old Elizabeth Hurley.

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