7 swimsuits that will not go unnoticed on the beach

In the ranks of the one-piece swimsuits this year, there was some kind of revolution: in terms of showiness and fervor, they famously surpassed all the bikinis combined. Yes, and somehow managed to become the mouthpieces of modern fashion with a sense of humor - the one who does not hesitate to give out sweatshirts with idols as new little black dresses, caps as new hats, and the current US President Donald Trump as an Internet meme, over which you can not laugh without embarrassment. As a result, the swimsuit, which previously stuck restrictive stickers "only for the pool" or "not for tanning", became the most fun summer must have, which is simply impossible to ignore.

Swimsuit MTV

“Pepsi, pager, MTV” - everyone remembers this affectionate phrase from your favorite teen channel. And the British brand Asos somehow managed to “borrow” the recognizable logo from the idols of our youth and put it on a naughty swimsuit with lacing.

Printed Asos Swimsuit

Swimsuit Asos with print (2 601 rub.)

Hologram swimsuit

Democratic brand Bershka, most likely, has spied this motley pattern at one known design brand which specializes on swimsuits with computer prints but if to consider that the price has left more favorably in ten times, and the result - bright and positive, then to find out who was there first no longer makes sense.

Bershka swimsuit with a hologram

Bershka swimsuit with a hologram (2 599 rubles)

Swimsuit with slogan

Swimsuits with the inscriptions seem to have been created in order to roll them a girl's party before the wedding (for this purpose there are special models - Bride and Bridesmaid) or buy one for yourself, and another for a girlfriend, and light together at the pool in the city, at least in vacation. And the slogan “It's all the fault of the Margarita cocktail” will justify any mischief.

Missguided swimsuit with slogan

Missguided swimsuit with slogan ($ 35)

Superheroine swimsuit

This year's Moschino has the funniest line of one-piece swimsuits. There are also with colorful sunglasses, and with Indian elephants, and with pink flamingos. But for this collection, we took the sexiest of all - a one-piece swimsuit of shiny fabric, as if a prop for a movie about cosmic beauties.

Swimsuit Moschino

Moschino Swimsuit (£ 42 at a discount)


It seems nothing original: again the 90s and the planj, already tried by all brands of beachwear, - but this swimsuit still turned out to be stylish and extraordinary. Probably for the reason that the pattern of the very red bandanas on it will guess not all.

Swimsuit-bandana H & M

Swimsuit-bandana H & M (1 699 rub.)

Swimsuit with Smileys

Social networks and their symbolism are very popular topics in modern fashion, where no one is afraid to be too banal. Some make swimsuits with memes, others - with a shocked Donald Trump, and still others - just with emoticons, which we now use in correspondence almost every day.

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