72-year-old Cher told how she keeps her buttocks in great shape

Diva surprised once again!

No matter how much the detractors say that the appearance of the singer Cher is a merit of plastic surgeons, the star continually proves the opposite. On one of the programs the singer once again appeared in an ideal image. And she told not only about creativity and new works, but also about her own body. Namely, she shared with the audience how she cares for the body and keeps her buttocks in perfect shape.

“Sher, can I tell people how old you are?” A conversation was launched by a leading American show. To which the star responded, of course, positively. And then she told me that she was engaged in a lot in the hall:

“I do a lot of exercises on the buttocks. For example, I get on all fours and raise one foot, then the other. And so - three sets of 25. In addition, I do a lot of old-fashioned exercises. And, I must admit, I do zumba. ”

Perhaps it is because of this that Cher can afford very frank outfits at her age!

Interestingly, Cher became another star who proved that in order to keep track of her body, you don’t need to go to the gym:

"I do at home with a cassette."

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