A Christmas gift with your hands: a Christmas wreath of chocolates

DIY gift for ChristmasThe New Year holidays are coming up, and more and more we are thinking not only about how to decorate our dwelling, but also gifts for friends and relatives. As a rule, you do not want to give something banal, but the original and unexpected gift is often quite expensive. In such cases it is worth remembering that the best gift for Christmas, and for any other holiday, the one that is made with your own hands. It is in this gift that you feel love and the present wish of the best for the holiday.

A wonderful tradition to decorate the house with the help of festive wreaths came to us from Europe and America - you can make such an ornament almost from any improvised means without spending a lot of time and money. A Christmas gift made with your own hands will be a Christmas wreath of sweets - an original and sudden decision that will please any family, especially if it has children.

We offer to draw your attention to several interesting choices of Christmas wreaths of sweets that can be made with your own hands.

For work you will need:

  1. The basis for the wreath is better from foam, you can take a wire
  2. Glue thermogun
  3. Scissors
  4. Durable silk thread
  5. Decorative ribbons and nets for decoration
  6. Candy - the most different, in bright wrappers, which you like more

A wreath of caramels in a wrapper

Christmas candy wreath: photos of the most interesting options

  1. You can find a wreath of caramels in a wrapper - bright and beautiful candies in any store, and for the base in this case, take either ready foam, or make yourself - cut out of thick cardboard or foam. Using a glue gun, gently caramel one on the base - in several layers, until you are satisfied with the appearance of the finished wreath. When the product dries, you can decorate it with a bright bow of silk or satin ribbon.
    Christmas candy wreath
  2. You can take a wreath, which is already decorated with fir branches, or you can make it with your own hands - in this case, the wire base is suitable, to which you need to carefully, one branch to attach the needles with silk thread - again, until you find that the wreath is enough lush.Then you will again need a glue gun - candy needles for the needles will have to be glued with it. This should be done carefully so that the glue is not visible and does not spoil the overall picture. You can tie red bows on the candies themselves - so they will look even more elegant.
    You can tie red bows on the candy itself
  3. A very beautiful and bright Christmas wreath can be made from sweets that can be found in any supermarket - as a rule, they are called "Strawberry with cream", and it is the combination of red and white flowers that gives such an amazing festive effect. The base can also be cut out of foam or buy ready-made. Each candy is released from the wrapper, greased with glue and fixed on the base - and so on until the wreath is ready. You can make a bright red bow and decorate it with a finished wreath - in order to make it look more interesting.

    Very beautiful and bright Christmas wreath

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in making a Christmas wreath of sweets with your own hands. A gift for Christmas is very important, so it's especially nice to give a thing made with your own hand, a thing in which you put a piece of your soul and love for the person you want to please.Do not be afraid to dream, involve your child in the creative process - together you will surely succeed in making a unique and original Christmas wreath!

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