A few secrets to make the perfect pilaf.

Although pilaf is most often attributed to the national Uzbek cuisine, many other nations consider it to be their original dish. There are many different ways to cook rice with meat, but a few secrets will make it really tasty. Follow a few simple rules, and even the most demanding gourmets will appreciate your pilaf.

Start cooking pilaf with rice preparation

When buying rice for pilaf, choose a packet with whole grains, without traces of rice flour. This suggests that the rice is fresh and not old. But rice cereal, which is designed for cereal, you will not fit - it is too boiled soft. You can soak the cereal or rinse it in running water. It is important that during the last wash the water from the rice is completely transparent.

Cook pilaf in this cauldron

If this is not possible, choose a dish with a thick bottom and a lid that fits snugly against the walls.The best pilaf is cooked in a cast-iron cauldron, the bottom of which protects rice from burning. It is possible to replace a cauldron with a duck-head or a pressure cooker.

Do not feel sorry for carrots

In this Uzbek pilaf carrots put more than indicated in standard recipes. But in any case, do not rub it on a grater and do not cut it too small. The best option is a large straw. So this vegetable will not boil too much and will remain tasty.

Pay attention to cooking zirvaka

It is this interesting name that was invented for carrots, onions and meat roasted together. Only when this mixture is almost ready should the spices be poured.

Choose fresh barberries and spices

Resist the temptation to pour a bag with the inscription "For pilaf" in your dish. The present pilaf requires fresh spices, the obligatory ones being grains of cumin, Barberry and black pepper. The rest - according to your taste. Pepper can be taken ground, but even better if you crush the peas yourself.

Figure on top, bottom zirvak!

It is important to ensure that the meat and vegetables cover the bottom completely. If the rice is below, it will burn and ruin the smell of the whole dish.

Head of garlic under the cover

Wash the garlic and place on the top of the pilaf 10-15 minutes until cooked, drowning a little in rice. No need to peel and divide the teeth. Pilaf will get an extra flavor. When serving, put the garlic on top of the pilaf on the dish.

Let the dish brew

After removing your dish from the fire, wrap it in a towel or blanket. So rice is soaked with spices and broth. Leave the pilaf in the “coat” for 30-40 minutes, and only then serve.

Stir pilaf before serving.

Do not do this when cooking. Meat and rice should be layered while the dish is being cooked. Just before putting the ready-made pilaf on a dish, you need to mix it well right in the cauldron.

Bon Appetit!

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