A simple way to repair bags of any bag

A long time ago I was looking for a summer bag of bright cornflower blue color. And finally I found one on the Internet, ordered it and brought this handbag from an online store, declared as leather, with a corresponding price. I liked it very much and I would have lived in perfect harmony for many years, so no ... The handles turned out to be clearly not leather and soon gave cracks.

The little head screwed up - well, I was in no way ready to part with the cornflower blue beauty!

The exit, of course, was found and the bag makes me happy again. I didn’t think of anything new - I sewed the covers on the handles now precisely from leather, since it wasn’t hard to put them on. The process itself took not much time, the most difficult was to turn the handles from the wrong side of the face. But what can you do for your favorite handbag. Improved her quality of life quickly and not expensive:

- bought a piece of thin skin;

- cut and cut from it blanks;

- pasted them with a dense cotton cloth with usual universal glue;

- Tips, too, taped and turned inside out;

- The workpieces are ready, turned in half and stitched on the typewriter;

- a needle special for the skin, in stores for sewing such are on sale;

- Well, here are the pens already in place, also bright and pleasant to the touch;

I think someone will benefit from my uncomplicated experience in returning the handbag of the second life.

Skills masters will certainly give more practical advice - it will be interesting to read them.

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