A woman showed what a stomach looks like ten days after a cesarean

For a young mother, this is the second such operation. Therefore, she does not lose optimism.

While some argue that it is better and safer: natural childbirth or cesarean, mothers who have passed through one and the other share their experiences. Which, by the way, is rarely simple. In the “My Lines” community on Instagram there are a lot of stories about real heroines, women who have gone through the unthinkable on the way to motherhood. A monstrous diastasis, stretch marks from calves to throat, hanging skin on the abdomen, breasts of different sizes ... Sport and cosmetology are curing something, only a surgeon cures something, only time helps somewhere.

One of the latest shots is about time. Mom of two children shared a snapshot of the abdomen, made a week after discharge from the hospital. On the tummy that has not yet fallen - a scar from side to side. Such a sight can even scare. But mom does not lose heart.

“Planned cesarean section.A scar compared to the first is just a sight, ”she says. A woman is sure that soon everything will look fine. After all, she already has experience: this is the second birth, the second cesarean.

Photo: @mylinesmylife

The size of the seam of many alarmed, it was too long. “And I did two times, so the seam is 10 cm in total. And you plowed. Is it not drawn? ”- began the inquiries. Mom, who shared the picture, such comments touched. She even decided to break her anonymity.

“The first seam was huge, it was dissected, so the second one turned out to be big. This is not make-up, ”she explained.

However, the doubters were quickly reminded that the size of the scar may also depend on the competence of the doctor. Someone is sewn up neatly, but someone does a cut from bone to bone, and the seam is such that without tears you will not look. “I look, and as if my own scar is starting to hurt again. As I recall, I want to cry like that, ”moms write.

However, everyone’s resume is the same: God bless him, with a seam. It will take time, everything will be delayed and will resolve. But there are children nearby. “I am happy to be a mother of two kids,” the author of the snapshot wrote. “Let them sew with a cross, if only the children are healthy,” they supported her in the comments.

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