Benefits and contraindications for salt heating

Viruses and bacteria are a kind of simulator for the body's defense system, thus forming immunity. But even the understanding of this fact hardly brings relief to those who “caught” the disease they caused. In this case, come to the aid of various medicines or traditional methods of treatment. The latter are often just as effective, but subject to compliance with all rules and regulations.

The procedure for heating salt is known to many. It helps to cope not only with banal rhinitis, but even reduces pain and inflammation in arthritis.

When does it help?

If you are overcome by the following ills, warming up will help to cope with the acute period more quickly and will give an improvement in the state:

  • A protracted cold

Warming up in this case has a number of advantages:

  1. dilates blood vessels, improving blood flow, which promotes free breathing;
  2. reduces stagnation of fluid in the nasal passages and swelling;
  3. normalizes nasal mucosa.

Dry heat in this case also has a beneficial effect on the entire body, improving the work of the respiratory organs and stabilizing the work of the nervous system, accelerating the healing process.

To carry out the procedure from the common cold is allowed only at the beginning of the disease, when the discharge is transparent and has a liquid consistency. By neglecting this rule, you expose the body to the risk of deterioration due to the spread of infection.

You will need 200 grams of salt, which must be calcined in a frying pan. After that, pour it into a linen bag and attach it to the nose. It is best to do this before bed for 10 minutes.

  • Cold. If the ailment has brought a cough and sore throat, warming up in the chest, back and neck will help alleviate the condition, and stimulate the body to fight the disease. They will also be effective for bronchitis. Duration of the procedure is 50-60 minutes. But remember that it can be done only in the absence of elevated temperature. It is also forbidden to do warming up for diseases of the lymph nodes.
  • With back and joint pain.Heated salt should be applied to the hearth of pain and leave for 30 minutes. Sprains are a contraindication, in this case it is better to seek medical help.
  • When overcooling. If you are very cold, heat the salt and immerse your hands or feet in it. This will help not only to warm up, but also to prevent a possible cold.

Warming up with antritis

This disease deserves a separate accent, because warming up in this case can both help and hurt, so be careful - carrying out the procedure in the acute phase of the disease is strictly prohibited. The reason lies in the fact that during such a period a large amount of pus accumulates in the sinuses, which, when heated, can go into other cavities, causing otitis, meningitis and even bone necrosis.

Hot salt can be applied either at the initial stage of the disease or after the acute phase to consolidate the therapeutic effect. Remember that a bag of "medicine" should not come into contact with the skin, because improper use leads to burns, which are the main disadvantage of warming up. In order to avoid such troubles, it is better to attach a piece of cloth to the nose, and a bag of salt on it.

Proper preparation

Now let's figure out how to properly make a "medical bag".For warming, conventional cooking or sea salt, which should not contain any additives, is suitable.

You can sprinkle it in a sock or a pouch made of natural fabric (linen or cotton). The recommended heating temperature is 70-80 degrees, so you can apply the tool without fear of getting burned.

Doctors warn!

In addition to sinusitis, contra-indications to warming up salt are also various formations (both malignant and benign), and vascular diseases. A change in temperature in these cases can lead to undesirable reactions and aggravations of the course of illness.

The experience of our ancestors is an invaluable gift, because such simple folk remedies as hot salt will help get rid of many diseases, but only if properly used.

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