Afrodisiacs - oils for women and men

What are these aphrodisiacs? It's fragrances for love. Aphrodisiacs are ubiquitous. In particular, they prefer to add to perfumes. But all there smells with various impurities. And it is possible to find natural smells only in essential oils, and their influence is much stronger than in ordinary perfumes. On the essential oils of aphrodisiacs, we are now and we will talk ...


Essential oils related to the class of aphrodisiacs, have similar properties:


- This is a complex, with many shades of smell with warm, woody and tart tones;


- Conquering contrast between vigor and tenderness;


- Sensitive love associations;


- Cosmetically revitalizing effect;


- Detect tonic, rejuvenating effects. Sin is not to use data!


Initially, let's find out what essential oils are aphrodisiacs and what effect any of them produces on the human body. In this way…


Aphrodisiacs essential oils



Ylang Ylang essential oil is probably the most famous aphrodisiac. Ylang-ylang reveals impressions, delaying them as much as possible at the sweet peak of immersion in boiling lava orgasms. This is an ideal development.


Patchouli essential oil - immerses into the atmosphere of erotic recklessness and love generosity. It increases the highest chakras, can help to feel the exclusive taste of love and kindness, prevents the formation of vampirism.


Rosewood essential oil - reveals the secret of emotional ideality: not so much to be loved, how to be in love. The function of rosewood oil is to target bridges between worlds. This smell is suitable for meditation and the practice of cultivating men and women. Rosewood can draw the Wheel of Fortune.


Bergamot essential oil - warms, gives off a positive impulse of sexual energy. The fragrance of inspiration and sexuality.


Geranium essential oil - returns the coolness, brightness and power of feelings to people.


Grapefruit essential oil - reveals psychic talents in an episode of intimacy. The combination of astringency and coolness is combined with romantic delights and madness.


Cedar essential oil - directing a love game in a subtle, predatory style. Lemon essential oil - fills love games with fun, unrestrained imagination. Increases interest in life, causes a creative influence in work, in family, in love.



How to use aphrodisiac essential oils



1. The essential oil is applied to the skin exclusively diluted in an oil-based, for example, in almond oil.


2. Begin to apply essential oils with the smallest quantities (one to three drops).


3. If you use incense for cosmetic purposes, do not add oil that is unfamiliar to you in a container with a cream or shampoo; it is much better to set aside a small amount of the base base and add a little smell to it.


4. If you put into service aromas in the aroma lamp, the first 2 sessions should not be longer than twenty minutes. The most famous use of essential oil in the living room is erotic massage and aroma lamp. It will be said to the place that it is possible to connect them, the main thing is not to bend the stick!


Oil burner


Aroma lamps are a fast and comfortable method to give the room the desired flavor.They gently heat the essential oil, which is taken to evaporate, filling your room with a charming aroma. Fill the top cup of porcelain aromalampa with water and put five or seven drops of aphrodisiac essential oil there. A lit candle, in the lower area of ​​the lamp, warms the water, and the smell of essential oil is emitted. Do not forget that before using the aroma lamp you need to ventilate the room, and the operation itself with closed windows.


Erotic massage with aphrodisiac oils



One-three drops of essential oils of aphrodisiacs (can be various) melt in ten ml. almond fragrance oils (or in the ratio of one drop of fragrance / five drops of base oil) - and take an erotic massage. Erotic may be barely noticeable stroking, initiating arousal. For this reason, the concentration of aphrodisiacs is almost always moderate.


One of the effective methodologies that gives greater sexual power, as well as effectiveness in intimate inconsistencies, is the systematic imposition of essential oils on the reflex and energy-active areas of the body. To do this is possible by chance during an erotic massage.A certain (chosen by you) representative of the stronger sex does not understand, and you heal and help him!


Start stroking from the legs and rise to the highest areas of the body: little fingers on the foot, midline of the gastrocnemius muscle, center of the knee, bikini line, point on the tailbone, included in the line of the buttocks, midline between the navel and pubic area, navel, chest, shoulders neck Apply aromas to the energy zones, preferably in the evening, after taking a bath - well, and as a result of erotic massage you will definitely have sex!


Bathing with aphrodisiac oils



This is an additional method of relaxation with a loved one. Add 2 to 15 drops of oil to the bathroom saturated with warm water. For better dissolution, it is possible to first mix it with four tbsp. with spoons of sea or table salt, honey, cream, milk serum, liquid soap, or with 2 full handfuls of table salt.

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