"Alienist" about the maniac and 5 new series of winter

The new film season is just around the corner, and true TV lovers will not wait for the continuation of the adventures of their favorite characters and completely new stories that directors will give us. But if more or less everything is clear with the continuations - the storylines go on as usual, then in new projects absolutely unfamiliar characters, plots, images are waiting for us, to which you quickly become attached and feel like your own.


Release date: presumably January 2018

The series, which is based on a multifaceted franchise sci-fi games of the same name, which is compared with the world of "Star Wars". For a long time, the director’s name was kept behind seven seals, but according to some information, they became the legendary Steven Spielberg, so the plot, special effects and the success of the project should not be experienced: everything will be done at the highest level, Spielberg does not know how. The cast is kept secret so far, but it only stirs interest.If the director does not greatly change the concept of the series, starting from the game, the action will unfold in the distant future, where people make forays into intergalactic space and “get acquainted” with races and peoples of different degrees of peacefulness. Fearing war with alien creatures, earthlings create a special-purpose squad aimed at protecting the civilian population from a sudden attack ... But everything is not as simple as it seems, after all, aliens have their own plans for the Earth and the people living on it.

"Blood on the Nile"

Release date: presumably February 2018

"Alienist" about the maniac and 5 new series of winter

Another secret project where only the director (Hisham Abdel Khalek) and the producing countries are known are Egypt and France. If you believe the information that "wanders" on the Internet, the main character of the series will be Brad Pitt, but this is unconfirmed. The plot of the new series is also kept in the strictest secret, but it is known that the creators have mixed in it all possible cinema genres - from fiction to horror. The name of the series promises a lot of blood, which will wash the river Nile, which flows in Africa, and goes back to the associations of the biblical miracle.What kind of biblical characters will appear in the series and whether they will be at all, since not always the title of the series speaks about its plot, we can learn about it only in the winter.


Release Date: January 22, 2018

American series Paco Cabezas in the genre of psychological thriller, based on the novel of the same name by Caleb Carr. Actorsky cast of the series is really impressive: Daniel Brühl, Dakota Fanning, Luc Evans, Matthew Lintz. The plot takes us to New York in 1896. Here in the gray and gloomy quarters wielding a cruel maniac who kills children. Each murder is not like the previous one - the new bodies found suggest that the perpetrator is committing some kind of bloody ritual. The future President of the United States of America, Theodore Roosevelt, who is recruiting the real professionals of the detective work - the psychologist-alenist Laszlo Kreizler, the journalist of the Times section of John Skyler Moore, the first lady among the police officers Sarah Howard and the brothers-sergeants Isaacson, is taking charge of the investigation of the confused business. Together they must unravel the tangle of mysterious murders, find a maniac and return to the streets of New York calm, if,Of course, none of the assistants of Theodore himself was involved in monstrous reprisals.


Release date: January 7, 2018

"Alienist" about the maniac and 5 new series of winter

Comedy series from the creator of such masterpieces as "South Park" and "Puzzle". The main character of the series will be a hired killer named Barry from the Midwest who is tired of killing people for a penny and who wants to start his life from scratch. To do this, the guy moves to Los Angeles, where he enters the theater stage, meets nice guys and with all his strength wants to become an actor. But will his former life leave him? Can he not kill new acquaintances who can express their opinions, even if Barry does not like him? Interestingly, the main role was played by Bill Heyder, who is also the director of the project.

"Life sentence"

Release date: January-February 2018

It is at the same time a light, sad, funny and life series about a girl Stella Abbott, who has lived for the past eight years as if every day she lived could be the last. And all because Stella was mortally ill and did not want to miss a single minute. But one day a real miracle happens: an examination shows that our heroine is absolutely healthy! It's just some kind of happiness ... Now Stella will have to pull herself together,say goodbye to fun and learn to adapt to this cruel world, where not everyone will endure her insane antics. The starring role was played by the star of “Darling liars” Lucy Hale.


Release date: December 2017

The plot of the series looks like a post-apocalypse or dystopia. The world of the future is mired in chaos, wars, ruin. People flee their native cities, seeking refuge in the past ... Yes, it was in the past, where the trees were green, and people found a common language with each other. The main characters went 250 years ago to a quiet fishing village, where they are trying to adjust to a new life and forget the past. Only in the past everything is not so simple: the locals suspect that something was wrong and begin their own investigation, which can take guests from the future to clean water.

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