Angelica Varum showed how she looked 20 years ago

Only one thing remained unchanged in her image.

The singer rarely pampers her fans with personal shots. But then I could not resist. “This is how a rarity was found! This is about 1995. I stand, intently waiting for my appearance on the stage. Yes ... Everything flows, everything changes. Only my attachment to little black glasses remains unchanged, ”she signed the old black and white frame.

Angelica Varum
Angelica Varum in 1995
Photo: @avarum

In this picture, Angelica is still a very young brunette, apparently, she is a little over 20. But the most loyal fans say they remember her so well. And to be honest, the singer has not changed much with age. The star never ceases to amaze fans with its appearance. Not so long ago, she shared her selfie without makeup, which looks like a young girl, and in fact next year she will be 50 years old.

And how gorgeous the actress looks in mini-shorts and a short sports top! And she could well afford to dress like that.Any girl half the age of Angelica could envy such a press and legs.

Varum, of course, has always been slim. However, the fact that she manages not to change in size for so many years, can not admire!

“I am a very restless person, and people of this type are usually slender, like me,” Varum said. - In general, the most important thing is sleep and water. I can sleep for 20 hours, that's how much free time I will have, so much and I will sleep. Everyone is surprised. Plus a lot of water, well, I like to swim. " has chosen other photos of Angelica of different years, which prove: time over the beauty and femininity of this singer is not powerful.

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