Animal Research Act

Animal Research ActThe research act is an essential part of animal behavior. In any habitat, all animals are continuously under its influence. Research - analysis of information received by animals from the environment, determines their actions and active existence.


The dog learns the surrounding world with the help of receptors, which were developed in the process of evolution. At present, they are united under the general concept of sense organs. The following sense organs are distinguished: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. It was found that these five types of feelings do not fully reflect the research (analyzer) abilities. In addition, dogs are endowed with other devices that allow the exposure of environmental stimuli. So, they discover curiosity, manifest a research act when they meet an unfamiliar object or other animals.


An animal research report is necessary in order to orient yourself in the environment. This requires a known installation of receptors, appropriate listening, eyeing and smelling.

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