Anthurium: yellow leaves

Anthurium: yellow leavesAnthurium, also called “flamingo flower”, is a very beautiful and interesting houseplant. It needs some care, proper watering and temperature control. Therefore, lovers who have just acquired this plant, initially make many mistakes, because of what the flower begins to dry, the leaves turn yellow or become covered with spots. The reason for such troubles may be some diseases. Let's get this in order.

Anthurium turns yellow

The reason that the leaves turn yellow in anthurium may be improper care and diseases.

Wrong care:

  • after spraying, the plant should stand in a place protected from direct sunlight, otherwise the moisture evaporates too quickly;
  • lack of light. Anthurium is a tropical flower whose birthplace is Central or South America. Therefore, this plant is quite light-loving and needs to comply with a certain temperature;
  • improper watering. The flower loves moisture.For watering should use either well-settled water, or thawed. With the constant use of hard water, the plant may die;
  • too fresh soil. It is necessary to periodically apply nitrogen fertilizers to the soil; it is thanks to them that the leaves acquire a saturated green color, there is an active growth of leaves and stems. You also can not fertilize anthurium with dry soil, so you can just burn the root.

Note: frequent fertilization of the soil with nitrogen can lead to a large overgrowth of the bush. At the same time the plant almost ceases to bloom.Anthurium: yellow leaves

  • bacterial infections. Occur with frequent watering, excessive fertilizer, hypothermia. It is enough to transplant a flower and arrange the correct care;
  • fungal infections. Fighting them will take some time, during which you will need to remove damaged stems and leaves, and treat the plant with fungicides (Ridomil Gold MC, Alto Super, Amistar, Bravo, Ditan NeoTech 75, Quadris, Embreliya, etc.).

The most common diseases of anthurium are:

  • Fusarium - a fungal infection that can be transmitted through the soil or from flower to flower.At the same time, the leaves quickly turn yellow and fall off;
  • septoria In this disease, the leaves are covered with small spots;
  • Chlorosis - an infectious disease that occurs when there is a shortage of iron or magnesium in the soil;
  • rot. It provokes excessive humidity in the room or excessive watering. On the leaves, a raid first appears, and then it leads to rotting.

Anthurium: yellow leavesStains on the leaves of anthurium

Most often, the plants may become covered with gray or black spots, after which the leaves begin to dry, curl and fall. The reason for this may be improper care, diseases or pests. First, check whether you are caring for the flower. In winter, the room should be 16-18º, and in the summer 20-25º. These light-loving plants should be in a well-lit room, without drafts and wind. In addition, the flower should be sprayed twice a day with soft water, after which you should be careful not to get direct sunlight on it. Although the plant loves moisture, watering should not be done every day. Too much water can cause the roots to rot.

It should be noted: the plant has a superficial root system, so the pot in which it should be not very deep, but wide enough for proper circulation of moisture and air.

Also, the emergence of spots on the leaves can result in a rather dangerous anthracnose disease. If the flower does not start at the time of treatment, it will simply die. Hypercooling of the flower or excessive watering can lead to this disease. To begin, raise the temperature in the room and begin to treat the plant with fungicides. It may take you enough time, it all depends on the degree of damage to the flower.Anthurium: yellow leaves

As for pests, the anthurium is quite resistant in this regard. Although sometimes he is attacked by aphids, ticks, scythos, mealybugs. Obvious signs that the plant is attacked by pests are a sticky coating on the leaves or accumulation of aphids. You need to start fighting with them immediately. This is quite a long process. You can use folk remedies (soap solution, tobacco infusion, copper sulfate solution) or proven drugs (Aktellik, Karbofos).

Anthurium: leaves dry

Most often, the reason that the anthurium leaves dry, is the wrong location or care. For example, a flower may stand in a draft or be exposed to direct sunlight, especially after spraying.Or on the contrary, the flower does not have enough light. Do not forget also that every other week the plant should be fed, for normal growth and good flowering.Anthurium: yellow leaves

Adhering to simple rules, you can avoid these and other troubles associated with the cultivation of anthurium. And the plant will always please you with bright flowers and beautiful leaves.

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