Apathy and apathy


Apathy and indifference are manifested in the suppression of emotions and the absence of goals, aspirations, desires and interests. A person in a state of apathy draws attention to the unnatural behavior. He is not interested in anything, is indifferent to the world around him, he has no intrinsic motivation for anything. The only desire in the period of apathy is to lie on the couch and do nothing else. People call it depression, but it's not the same thing. Often it is apathy that becomes a cause of depression.

Apathy and indifference is a psychological state when a person is indifferent to what is happening around. Understanding the need to do household chores or job duties, a person is not able to force himself to do something. He has no desire to talk, leave the house, solve problems, go to visit and meet with friends.

In a state of apathy and indifference, a person often does not get out of bed, does not put himself in order. His state of health can be compared with the lack of strength after physical exertion.

Signs and symptoms of apathy

Apathy and indifference to life is a kind of "paralysis of emotions." The apathetic state may develop into a general decline in psychological activity. In this state, people are practically immobile, uncommunicative, do not take the initiative. Speech and motor functions in a state of decay of activity are characterized by inhibition, failures occur in the memory, and in thinking - failures.

Signs of apathy appear in two variations. In the first case, the indifference of the person attracts the attention of others, he does not hide the indifference. In the second - the activity of a person does not change, but suicidal thoughts do not leave him. Being in a strong apathetic state, a person is capable of suicide. Due to the lack of external signs of indifference, it becomes a surprise for others. Depression and negative mood are familiar to everyone, but if a state of hopelessness, gloominess and detachment is accompanied in life all the time - this is an occasion to think and take up treatment.Apathy and apathy

Apathy provokes serious mental illness. Suppose an apathetic condition is one of the symptoms of schizophrenia, and also after indifference to life, a long-lasting depression occurs.In a state of apathy, a person does not feel joy, passively treats the surrounding reality, does not feel the need to love and be loved.

Apathy and indifference lead to the suppression of will and motivation, and in neglected cases they become a prerequisite for aggressiveness and violence. A person has no plans for the future, is indifferent to new acquaintances, does not dream. His life becomes dull and drab. Indifference to what is happening around, laziness, difficulties in speech, groundless sadness, lack of need for communication are the symptoms on which apathy is based.

Where does apathy come from?

The first sources of apathy and indifference are diseases, exaggerated physical exertion, crisis experienced and long-term psychological tension. Sometimes the cause of an apathetic condition is a psychological illness. A prolonged period of apathy and indifference leads to partial loss of memory and the inability to exercise mental activity. If indifference to the surrounding world has been delayed - this is the reason for contacting a specialist for advice and subsequent treatment.

The feeling of apathy and indifference is always the first "bell" that your life requires changes. Probably, the rhythm of your life undermines the emotional and physiological state of the body, which means such a regime is beyond your power. Wave-like moods of a person are normal, if the state is not amenable to change often and dramatically. The alternation of mood from euphoria to depression and emptiness is a reason to think and take action to change the rhythm of life.

A state of apathy may have no apparent reason and will manifest unexpectedly. It would seem that only yesterday a person was full of energy, had fun, joked, sang songs in karaoke or “lit” on the dance floor, and today he is not able to even put himself in order and get out of bed. Or the situation is diametrically opposite - long-term stress, tension and exhaustion do their work, and apathy ultimately manifests itself as a logical consequence.

The main causes of apathy:

Burnout in the power of the profession. This affects people whose profession is connected with constant communication or creativity;
Severe illness;
Seasonal avitaminosis;
Depression after pregnancy and childbirth;
Regular physical loads;
Constant stress and emotional exhaustion;
Psychologically difficult news (death, incurable disease, etc.);
The decline of energy after strong emotions (enthusiasm, euphoria, etc.).

The state of apathy and indifference is rarely useful. A short vacation is sometimes necessary for the body to gain strength and vigor. However, apathy, lasting a month or more - a signal to combat indifference and laziness. This period is sufficient for resting the body, and further stay in a state of apathy is fraught with unpleasant consequences. The second signal about the need to combat apathy is speech disorders and memory dips. If such signs are monitored in behavior, it is worth taking action immediately!

How to get rid of a state of apathy?

To begin with, you should want to get rid of apathy and realize what caused this state. Remember that only you yourself can regain a harmonious and positive life.

With the state of the amoeba is not easy to start to fight in the absence of a desire to do anything. How to concentrate and get out of a state of indifference to life?

Do not run the situation! By letting things take their course, you risk losing control of an apathetic state. This will avoid problems with the health and psychological consequences of amorphousness.
Apathy at the extreme stage cannot be cured on its own. However, it is still necessary to take measures for deliverance. Do not expect an external push to change the situation, become the driving force that can pull you out of the swamp of indifference.
Understand that to accept apathy in your life and to get used to an indifferent mood is not an option. The apathetic state is able to “knock out” for a long period of life. Do not let negative thoughts and detachment take over.
Set yourself goals. Start small, gradually increasing the degree of grandeur. Moving on, you will feel self-confidence and faith in a quick victory over apathy and indifference to the world around you.

Apathy and apathyHow to get rid of apathy and indifference? Fight fire with fire. Bring the situation to the fullest absurdity and ridiculousness. Pity yourself: “Oh, how hard it is for me, oh, oh! Poor me, unhappy-aaaa! You will not regret yourself, no one will regret it! ”Genuinely surrender to the feeling of pity and bad mood. You can even porydat.

Sounds weird? But such a method works, and a false positive will not help the cause. Expression of pity will be useful, thanks to splashing out of negative emotions. In place of pessimism and indifference to peace, optimism and a desire to act and live will come. Having thrown out pity, you realize that a victory in the fight against apathy is not only likely, but also exactly what you need. And as soon as possible.

After winning the first battle with apathy, pamper yourself. Go shopping, make yourself a gift. Buy a beautiful thing. Visit the beauty salon. Make a manicure. Meet up with friends. Go to the restaurant and order your favorite dish. Consider these actions as the next step in therapy. This method will allow you to take a step towards a return to life and movement, will stir you up and give an incentive to new victories over apathy.

If the period of indifference to the surrounding reality is delayed, undoubtedly, you have accumulated a lot of work. Start raking a heap of actions that you refused at the moment of indifference and apathy. For several days immerse yourself in the accumulated business. Routine and Stakhanov's activity will not allow the brain to think of self-pity and return to an apathetic attitude.Do not be distracted from the plan, and you will not notice how the body independently overcomes the indifference to life.

Summing up

Apathy and indifference do not manifest without cause. This reason, whatever it may be, cannot be ignored. The problem will not be solved if you lie in bed with indifference;
Being in an apathetic depressed state, you can not "finish off" the body with severe mental or physical stress. For a start, it is worth a little stir;
Rest is allowed, but in small quantities. Month-long apathy is a reason to take drastic measures for resuscitation from the state of amoeba. Get enough sleep, walk around, increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in the diet, read interesting books and watch your favorite comedies - then apathy will not overtake you;
In a state of apathy and indifference, the use of alcoholic beverages and antidepressants is prohibited without consulting a doctor. You risk aggravating the situation and bring the psychological state of the body to the extreme limits;
In the fight against apathy, helpers will be useful trace elements and vitamins;
Do not postpone the current affairs in the "long box".Regain your strength, take up your regular tasks and interests;
Professional burnout cure conventional methods will not succeed. In this case, only the change of employment will save.


To routine matters are not sucked into the swamp of indifference to the world, do not give them a dominant role. Bring diversity to your lifestyle. Find new interests and hobbies. If you always wanted to learn how to embroider or burn wood, then why not start doing it now?

Do sports. Start with a small - morning charge. Exercise not only heals the body, but also uplifting. Sport has a positive effect on the emotional background and makes the outlook on life more optimistic.

Observe the daily regimen. Avraly happen, but you should not overdo it. Give the body a break and normalized sleep. Rest is useful not only on weekends, but also on weekdays. Go to the cinema in the evening, meet old acquaintances, visit the exhibition. Dilute stressful periods with relaxation and stress relief.

Do not lock yourself in a period of failure. Assess the situation from different angles and find positive points.A wonderful way to find something positive in unpleasant things is to add a “but” construction to the statement of fact of the problem. It looks like this: “I was fired from work, but now I have more time for my family and knitting.”, “I broke up with a man, but now I don’t need to report to someone about my actions,” etc.

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