Bamboo is a beautiful and unusual plant in your home.

Houseplants elevate our home and give aesthetic pleasure. In addition, they enrich the room with oxygen. In general, a solid benefit. But in return you need to take care of plants. For example, bamboo is not so whimsical, but still some rules exist.

What it is?

In general, bamboo is a tropical evergreen plant, which came to us from the countries of Asia. At home, dwarf bamboo is grown. One stem can grow up to 70-100 centimeters in height. Flowers appear only once in a lifetime, at about the age of 30. It is noteworthy that when the petals fall, the bamboo itself dies proudly. Here is such a sad story.

Green is always appropriate in the interior

This plant looks like thick, hollow stems with isthmuses. It is in the places of these isthmus that long, flat green leaves appear, which can gather into bundles.

Where to put?

First you need to determine the place in the apartment. This plant loves the light, but under the influence of direct sunlight can dry out and die. So the lighting should be sufficient, but the bamboo itself right in front of the window can not be put.The optimal place is a penumbra, where there will be enough light and shading will be provided.

In addition, this plant requires fresh air, so that the windows in the room should be by all means. But here a strong wind or drafts can be disastrous, so consider this.

The room, among other things, should be warm, because bamboo is a tropical plant. So if the room is cold and does not warm up well, then you should choose another one. Although it should be noted that slight temperature drops for this plant are not terrible. So, he does not feel bad at both 35 degrees of heat, and at 18 (but lower the temperature should not be lower).

How to care when growing in the soil?

Like many plants, bamboo can be grown in the soil. Go to the store for the flower growers and gardeners and buy any soil for indoor plants, it is quite suitable. Although you can take a special primer for the Dracena family (it is bamboo that belongs to it).

With regard to fertilizing, then, in fact, it is not required. But if you wish, it can be produced no more than once in three months. It is necessary to ensure a good drainage, because without it mold will gradually form in the course of time, the roots will rot and the plant will die. Fit a layer of expanded clay in a pot.

Gorgeous plant

The water to be irrigated must be kept stationary. And best of all to use thawed. To get it, you need to pour water from the tap into a plastic bottle, which should be removed for a day in the freezer. Remove the bottle, drain the frozen water and let the ice thaw and warm to room temperature. As for the frequency of watering, then consider the climate of the room. With low humidity you can water every day, but if the room is wet, then water every other day or even two. In winter, reduce the frequency, in the summer, do it more often.

If you decide to transplant bamboo, then do it in the spring. In addition, to move the plant more than once a year is not worth it, it adversely affects the root system.

How to care in the aquatic environment?

As you know, indoor bamboo can be grown directly in water, as in places where a wild plant grows, the soil is very wet. But the withdrawal in this case is not limited to the fact that you put the stem in a vase of water and safely forget about it. Stagnant water is not something that is not useful for roots, but even harmful, because bacteria and fungi accumulate in it.

Put the stem into the water, fasten it so that it is level. To do this, you can use pebbles or decorative glass stones. Capacity will approach any, corresponding to the sizes of a plant.

Water needs to be changed at least once every two weeks or even more often to avoid stagnation and decay. Do not forget about settling, as there is a lot of chlorine in the tap liquid, and it is destructive for this plant.

Since there are few minerals in the water, additional feeding is required. Buy special mineral supplements in the store and feed the bamboo once every 2-4 weeks.

How to grow?

There is nothing difficult in cultivation. Want straight stems? Just fasten them. If you dream of a whole composition, then use ropes and wires. You can tie several stems together, then you get a whole mini-tree. But there is another more original way. Want a bamboo helix? Then place a wand or column next to it. The stem is quite soft, so regularly bend around them a support, forming the desired shape, then the plant will grow in a spiral.

Problems and Diseases

Like any plant, bamboo is subjected to certain diseases.Let's list possible problems:

  • Fungal lesions. To recognize them, inspect the leaves. If you see black specks and specks on them, then probably a fungus lives somewhere. What to do in this case? Treat the plant with fungicides. In addition, by all means regularly air the room, avoid excessive humidity.
  • If the leaves are too soft and dark, the plant is probably just cold. Check the room temperature. In such a situation, you must either move the bamboo to another warmer room, or try to artificially raise the temperature of the contents.
  • If the bamboo grows too slowly, then it may simply lack nutrients. Try to fertilize the soil or water more intensively, probably the problem lies precisely in this.

How to multiply?

Reproduction can be done in two ways. First, you can simply divide the stem into several parts. It is best to lubricate the slices with soft wax at room temperature, so the stems do not dry out. Secondly, you can propagate bamboo cuttings. To do this, cut a few shoots and put them in water.All this is best done in the spring, it was at this time that the shoots are strong and viable. But the seeds to grow will hardly, it is possible only in special climatic conditions.

Unusual properties of the plant

Bamboo has long been endowed with wonderful properties. So, if you believe the science of feng shui, then this plant is a symbol of good luck. It is able to change the energy of the room for the better. But the specific effect depends on the number of stems. So, if there are only three of them, then you will be driven through life. If the stems 5, then wait for an increase in affluence. If you grow 7 stems, then health is normalized. If you want to improve your life in everything, then place 21 stalks.

In addition, the impact depends on where the plant is located. For example, if you put the pot on the east side of the room, then in your personal life everything will be folded perfectly. If you put the bamboo in the southeast, then the financial situation will be all right. Dreaming of fame? Then place the plant on the south side.

Bamboo is a great gift. Give such a plant to those whom you want good, put the soul in the choice of bamboo, to enhance its energy.Those who are lucky to receive this plant as a gift will soon notice significant changes in their lives.

Let the bamboo bring comfort, health and well-being to your home. But for this love this plant and take care of it!

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