Basics of knitting crochet mittens (basic course)

Lesson onBasics of crochet mittens (basic course).

Materials and tools:

  1. hook;
  2. yarn.


  1. vozd. n. - air loop
  2. half a dozen - semi-column
  3. Art. s / n - double crochet

Size Chart

Knitting description

Set of loops

We start knitting the upper part of the mitten, as described in step 1 for gloves. To do this, we increase the number of loops to 16. In the 1st circular row, we divide these loops as follows: 1st loop - right middle loop, next 7 loops - the upper side of the mitten, the next loop - the left middle loop, the remaining 7 loops - the inner side of the mitten.

Starting from the 2nd circular row, we knit in circular rows in the forward and backward direction so that the beginning of the circular row does not move. To do this, after each round of the series we turn the work. Then, in order to expand the upper part, in each 2nd circular row in the loop, before and after both middle loops, respectively, 2 half-pieces.= 4 increments on 1 circular row.

The number of loops to reach the girth of the brush, as well as the length are shown in the table or in the instructions.


After reaching the specified number of stitches, we knit further without adding to the thumb jumper. For the jumper of the thumb, we perform in loops before and after the left middle loop by 2 half pieces. = 2 added jumper loops. Then leave the loops unbound.

Thumb and thumb wedge

We start to knit, as for the rest of the fingers, and add loops according to the table or instructions. Upon reaching the corresponding length of the thumb, we perform a thumb jumper for the first and last peppies, 2 in empty. = 2 added jumper loops.

After that we knit on all the petals, while in the 1st circular row we sew together the first two loops of the inner side of the mitten, the last 2 loops of the outer side of the mitten, and the first and last 2 loops of the thumb. Thereby, the added loops for the thumb strap will be reduced again.

Next, for the wedge of the thumb, we knit together inEach circular row of the last loop of the outer side of the mitten with the 1st loop of the thumb and the last loop of the thumb knit together with the 1st loop of the inner side of the mitten.

We are repeating these downgrades in the same places until the thumb loops are reduced.

Now the same number of loops is in operation as before the start of the thumb jumper. After that, we knit the mitten length indicated in the table.


Her knit relief art. s / n, so that it is slightly inhibited. If the number of loops is not suitable for the pattern, then in this case, in the 1st circular row, without problems, reduce the 2-3 loops. At the desired length of the cuff all the loops are left untied. With the end of the thread of the thumb we seam the seam of the lintel and sew it up.

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