“Beautiful” numbers: sale is illegitimate

Quite often, car owners who want to buy or sell a car are concerned about the issue of transferring their license plate to another person (the future buyer). In the process of transferring your number from the previous owner (seller) to the new owner (buyer), there are certain difficulties and nuances. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the direct transfer of the car number in the process of sale and purchase is impossible, since the State Duma rejected the relevant bill on the sale of "beautiful" numbers.

Nevertheless, cars with “beautiful” numbers still continue to appear, because car owners buy them directly with cars. After that, the purchased car can be handed over for scrap, and a “beautiful” number from it is installed on new cars. Consequently, for a car owner to buy a number legally is not possible. However, if necessary, you can make an attempt to transfer from the seller to the buyer.car with the desired number - there is an opportunity to sell (buy) a car that was previously put on the register, with the preservation of state numbers.

There are several options that are described in detail on the site o000oo.ru, in one case, the primary responsibility rests with the seller, in the other on the buyer. The most neutral and relatively safe option is to use the donor car. The choice of method depends on the decision of all participants in the transaction. “Beautiful” car numbers can become a matter of prestige, comfort and respectability, but under certain conditions it is quite possible for an ordinary car owner to install such numbers on his car. The site contains a lot of relevant announcements on this issue, the information is grouped by city and is constantly updated. Here is a price list for "beautiful" numbers.

In the process of purchasing a car, there are many things that will allow the buyer to avoid problems in the future. Carefully check the documents on the machine, the keys, insist on the personal participation of the seller in the transaction, do not buy the machine from your hands alone, be careful in situations of selling cars with a deliberately low cost.Precautionary measures will help to avoid problems and comfortably use a prestigious car with a “beautiful” number.

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