Beautiful wishes for March 8 - in verses and prose - for women, mother, grandmother, friend, sister - Short sms wishes for March 8 for colleagues and teachers

Good congratulations on the holiday of March 8 will be nice to get every woman. First of all, it is recommended to send your wishes to your dearest and beloved ones - mother, grandmother, sister. Not less attention should be paid to those friends who are ready at any time to support and help with good advice. The universal and beautiful wishes for March 8 should be sent to colleagues, teachers of your child or your first teacher. Touching and lovely, original wishes must be supplemented with personal greetings on the holiday or a simple signature. Send wishes in honor of March 8 can be in verse and in prose.Short congratulations are ideal for SMS messages, and long works are better to be rewritten on a greeting card or sent in an e-mail.

Beautiful wishes for March 8

Universal wishes to women for March 8 in verse and prose

If a woman you know can not be called a girlfriend, and she is neither a relative, nor a colleague, then universal wishes are used for congratulations on March 8. They include discreet texts and are suitable for people with whom the sender speaks little or is practically not familiar. Such options can be used to congratulate superiors, business partners and familiar neighbors.

Universal poems with wishes for the holiday of March 8 for women

Beautiful wishes for March 8

Poetic wishes for March 8, women are great for expressing attention from unfamiliar people. They have an optimal size and are suitable for sending by SMS or MMS messages, emails.

Congratulations on March 8
And I wish you all the best.
Be rich and happy,
Next will be a loved one.


On March 8th,
I wish you well,
Let him indulge beloved
And delight friends.

Shine like the sun is bright
From happiness and warmth
Be, my dear, always!


March 8 may bring joy
And the scent of spring will not let fall asleep.
I wish that all dreams come true
And was not the lonely way of life!


The eighth of March is a wonderful day,
Everyone has long known about this.
I wish you happiness, jokes, laughter,
Flowers and men have success!

Universal wishes in prose for women in honor of March 8

Greetings with beautiful wishes in prose for the holiday of March 8 are more suitable for official greetings. They will please those women with whom the sender communicates on personal matters. Optimally send the proposed options, as his master hairdresser, and the head of the department or partner of the company.

March 8th is the best day ever!
Let only the shadow remain of resentment.
Let the troubles and bad weather pass you by,
And if there are tears, then from happiness.


Congratulations on Women's Day!
We wish you happiness, joy,
Beauty, good, success
And more laughter, laughter!


I congratulate you on March 8
I wish you all spring in the soul.
Let the snowstorms drive away
Joy, laughter and bird trills.


I wish you joy and laughter
March 8 - Women's Day -
It will be filled with success,
Give joy to people.

Beautiful and touching wishes to his beloved mother for the holiday of March 8

Beautiful wishes for March 8

I would like to congratulate my beloved mom on the occasion of March 8 from the very early morning. Therefore, on the eve of the holiday, it is worth picking up touching and sweet wishes that will help her in a great mood to spend the whole day. For example, you can wish your mother very good health, happiness, success at work. Separately it is necessary to add and cool personal wishes. If mom likes to knit, then she should jokingly wish strong threads without knots. Mom-medicine can wish understanding and wise patients. Beautiful wishes for March 8, the mother must be supported with a good gift. It can be both something global and cool, as well as a simple bouquet of wild flowers, a basket of sweets.

Beautiful wishes for your beloved mother in honor of March 8

To please Mommy and sincerely congratulate her on Women's Day will help beautiful wishes for March 8 in verse. They will help convey all the love, respect and affection. Such greeting texts can be used to fill cards.

Let the sun shine for you
Flowers bloom in the soul.
Let it come true always
Cherished dreams.

Shine your smile
And be happy yourself.
Happy International Women's Day
My dear mother!


Mummy, relatives,
My beauty is beautiful,
I hurry to congratulate you
I'm on a spring holiday!
Let things get better in life,
Wrinkles should be smoothed out,
Let health be added
And dreams will come true!
You are gentle and glorious,
You're in our home,
For the patience and patience I thank you.
And how to please you,
I do not need to guess -
You only appreciate the attention
No matter what I give!


You, my dear mother,
Congratulations on Women's Day in a hurry.
For warmth, caring, mother,
I say thanks to you!

Be happy, dear,
Let the spring blossom in your soul.
And all cares and sorrows
Let them dissolve forever.

All the good that is in the world
I want to give you a gift.
I am for your love in response,
For the happiness of my mother in destiny!

Touching wishes to mom by March 8

My mother will love not only the attention and gifts given, but also the good attitude of her son or daughter to this holiday. Even adult children will be pleased to receive a unique gift: a homemade postcard or a cool fake. But if there is no time to prepare such a surprise, then you can simply learn one of the suggested poems and tell Mom at the meeting.

Mom my sweet
Congratulations and appreciate!
Let the smile shine
And the person does not leave!

On the 8th of March, dear.
Be happy, my dear!
Don't you ever hurt
And the soul is not old.


Beautiful mother is not in the world
About such a mother - just dream.
For this we are like children to you
Must on the spring day say:
Dear, you are more gentle than mimosa,
And your hands are more valuable than that.
Always give you roses.
From us now accept a bouquet
Which is the day of March 8th
... please your clear eyes.
Joy, happiness and excitement!
Be able to resist with hatred.


My beloved Mamulyu congratulations
Happy spring holiday!
With all my soul, I wish you
Love, health, happiness, beauty.

My dear, dear mom,
I'll give you spring flowers
And I hurry to tell you soon
How hard, much I love you!

Lovely wishes to my grandmother for March 8 - poems, prose for SMS messages

Beautiful wishes for March 8

Adorable grandmother is always ready to help her grandchildren and find the right words to support them. Therefore, the wise grandmother must be one of the first to congratulate on March 8. Lovely and beautiful wishes for her must include sincere thanks. After all, it was the grandmother who allowed me to play pranks in childhood,she helped tinkering and taught me how to make pies. It is original and touching to supplement the wishes for March 8 to the grandmother with a non-standard gift. Tie her socks or bake a delicious cake. So, the native woman learns that her lessons and help left an important mark on the life of her beloved grandchildren.

What lovely wishes in verses for the holiday of March 8th can be sent to your beloved grandmother?

Warm greetings and wishes for March 8 for the grandmother should be chosen with the most sincere words. Be sure she needs to wish health and deliverance from all the hardships and life adversities. After all, the happiness of a grandmother depends on the happiness of children, and on the happiness of grandchildren. Therefore, she always needs to tell only the most good and good news.

Better grandmother's favorite
There is no one in the world.
Congratulations on March 8,
I wish her many years.
Let happiness bloom,
Smiling, singing,
Pies treats
And it does not give us sadness!


On the day of March 8 everywhere
Flowers are blooming.
I wish granny
Happiness, joy, love!

Do not forget you
Children, grandchildren and friends.
Let the heat at all enough
You can not be discouraged.

Let health fails,
There will be your life without troubles
Let the problems all go away,
You live another 100 years!


I, granny, you
Simply adore.
On March 8, with Women's Day,
Today congratulations.

You will always understand me
And you will save from the beating.
How many did your
Gold pens!

No grandmother is kinder.
I wish you:
Be fun, don't hurt.
Happiness! Congratulations.

Sweet prose with wishes for the holiday of March 8 for the grandmother

Short sweet prose is best for congratulating your beloved grandmother. Sincere wishes, supplemented by personal words, will help her to celebrate women's day in a great mood. Equally important is the personal presence of the grandson or granddaughter: at least for 5 minutes you need to come to your grandmother on March 8 and in a relaxed atmosphere and a great mood to have a cup of delicious tea with her.

My dear grandmother! I congratulate you on the best women's holiday - March 8! I wish you the longest life, the strongest health, the most positive emotions and the most sincere joy. I wish the spring mood, faith in a happy future and endless positive!


Grandma, I congratulate you on March 8! I wish you a great female happiness, so that you will be filled with joy every day! The strongest health, pacification and bliss, prosperity and comfort, desires that come true. You are my best, most kind and caring! Love you!


You will always be an example of a Real Woman for me: soft, fair and wise. My most beautiful grandmother, a true lady and a loved one, with you on International Women's Day! Let the spring come this year as early as possible, bring warmth and sunshine. Congratulations!

Short wishes to a friend in honor of March 8 - in verses and prose

Beautiful wishes for March 8

Responsive and best friend need enough attention on the day of March 8. If possible, it is better to meet with her and spend an unforgettable evening together. But if the holiday will be devoted to the family, you should just send beautiful greetings in SMS messages. They must necessarily include wishes for March 8 to a friend, including kind words. For example, you can wish her success at work, promotion by post or wish to meet a beloved man and create a strong family.

Poems with wishes for the best friend for the holiday of March 8

Verse congratulations are perfect for sending to your best friend due to the beautiful form and original content. The proposed short wishes for March 8 will help to express warm feelings and simply to please a close friend.

My dear friend, I congratulate you!
On March 8th, I wish you happiness.
Let blizzards all, and storms, and adversity
Go away, like a day with bad weather!
Let the window just the sun shines,
May you be the happiest of all!


My girlfriend dear
I want to congratulate you
With a wonderful holiday, I wish
Love and happiness for you.

May all your dreams come true
Health - close and you,
Deeds - decide themselves,
Well-being in the family.

The eighth of March is a wonderful day,
He praises the women of the whole Earth.
And I'm flattered to congratulate you,
All wishes accept.


Mean so much to me
My girlfriend dear.
I rush to congratulate you.
I sincerely wish you:

To live in the world for many years
Not knowing sorrow and bad weather.
To always be lucky in everything
So that in life there was a lot of happiness.

March 8, Women's Day,
I want to say without a doubt:
Friends are more expensive than you, no.
Please accept these congratulations!

Short prose with wishes in honor of March 8 for a friend

You can express your bright feelings and wish all the best to your friend, not only with verses, but also with original prose. Short congratulations will help to please her and help to tune in to a positive wave.

Dear girlfriend, I congratulate on the International Women's Day! Let your feminine charm beckon and pleases, like a primrose in the spring. I wish you a wonderful mood and blissful peace, joy, smiles and many wonderful surprises. Be happy, inspired, wrapped in care and tenderness, support and understanding, love and affection. On the 8th of March!


Expensive! Happy International Women's Day! I wish your beloved man wore you in your arms, gave you luxurious gifts and bouquets, so that your eyes not only on this day, always shone with happiness, a radiant smile would not leave your face, and nightingales would sing in your soul!


Girlfriend, congratulations on our women's day. On the feast of March 8 let the champagne be delicious and sparkling, let the gentlemen lull the bouquets with luxuriant bouquets, let all your life be surrounded by kind attention and constant care. I wish you, dear, great love and a wonderful fairy tale of life.

Good wishes to your beloved sister for the holiday of March 8

Beautiful wishes for March 8

For many men and women, the sister is also the best friend, and a mini-copy of her beloved mother. Therefore one of the most intimate and dear women should send beautiful congratulatory words. In the wishes it is necessary to include everything that she has been dreaming about for so long.It can be your own family, children, achievement of new heights at work. There are quite a few variants of congratulatory words, so it’s easy for a sister to find good wishes for March 8. It is only necessary to carefully study the proposed examples and get acquainted with their content.

Examples of good wishes for my sister by March 8

The best wishes for your beloved sister are sincere wishes of good, happiness and good luck. Such warm and touching texts can be sent by both brothers and sisters. And it does not matter how old the recipient is: even a little sister will be pleased to read warm congratulations on March 8.

Women's Day March 8
I congratulate you.
I want to wish, sis,
Just a fabulous day.

Warm meetings, hugs, laughter,
Mood "oh-go-go"!
And that this day is bad
Nothing happened!


I wish to be always charming,
To live without sorrows and without troubles.
And so life was like a song
Full of fun and victories!

Let the lights in your eyes shine
The smile on his face lives!
I sincerely wish you
Only prettier from year to year!


My dear sister,
On March 8, I congratulate you.
Happiness in life, love and good
I wish you a holiday.

To make you smile to spring
Bloomed under the sun rays
So that with your beloved met dawns
And the sunsets together saw off.

I wish such a love,
What a dream can only dream.
I wish you be happy,
My dear you are my sister.


With spring to you, sister, congratulations
I wish beauty, warmth, love.
Snowdrops, tulips, honey,
And the fulfillment of a girl's dream!

Let the 8th of March be bright,
A pleasant warm day of the calendar.
Let men please everywhere
And life shines brighter than amber!

March 8 - a cute women's holiday
And let it fill your life with warmth.
To please loved ones, work
And there was always a cozy warm home!

Verse wishes to teachers for March 8 - short and beautiful

Beautiful wishes for March 8

Both parents and high school students on March 8 want to acknowledge their teachers and thank them for such hard work. Congratulations to teachers should not only bouquets of flowers or chocolate, but also original poems. Teachers should select wishes for March 8, taking into account their own preferences and hobbies. This will help to find those cherished words that will surely please the teacher and will be able to give her warmth and happiness on the day of March 8.

Short poems with wishes for teachers on March 8

If there is no opportunity to personally congratulate the teacher and give her a card with congratulations, then you can send SMS wishes for March 8. They may include small rhymes with cool and kind content.

You happy March 8
Congratulations today.
We are the best teachers
At school we do not know.

On Women's Day, we wish
Responses to "excellent",
Successes to you in work
And happiness in personal life.


We congratulate you on the feast of women,
With a bright sunbeam,
With the first flower is surprisingly gentle,
With a warm breeze!

Good luck in work and at home,
Good friends and girlfriends,
Attention, caress, pleasant words,
Supports all around!


Legal most off
March 8, spring day,
Today to school - not a foot,
We announce Sunday!

Notebooks - also no
A glass of champagne - and dancing!
Pupils? Yes well all of them!
Today you can come off!

Beautiful short wishes in verse by March 8 for the first teacher

Short wishes should be sent not only to the teachers of your child, but also to their first teacher. After all, she put a lot of effort into teaching students and therefore deserves goodwill from her graduates.

The teacher is the best in the world,
March 8th celebrates the country.
I wish you good, warmth and light.
Let spring come into your life.

I wish you great luck
Let spring bring you tenderness.
Great mood in life!
Let life keep from troubles and from adversity.


You are a teacher from God, no doubt!
Let me congratulate you at this hour,
And wish success always:
Let every class be obedient to you.

You are a woman: smart, strict, beautiful,
Let there be no bad days in life.
You are all respected, loved,
Let everything be warmer in your heart!


A lot of love and a lot of strength
You give away by teaching
Perhaps future luminaries,
Their feet to the light directing.

Health to you for many years.
Be always on the positive
After all, your knowledge is bright light
So much needed in this world.

Original short wishes for women colleagues in honor of March 8

Beautiful wishes for March 8

Women colleagues at work meet on March 8 in anticipation of interesting gifts, encouragement from their superiors. Certainly all business women and even the simple secretary should be given due attention. At the same time, gifts and wishes for 8 March colleagues should be selected carefully: they must match the preferences of women.It is also advisable to discuss in advance the features of congratulating colleagues in order to avoid buying unnecessary presents.

Short wishes for work colleagues for the holiday of March 8

Small rhymes are ideal for sending SMS messages or instant messenger chat. You can send beautiful wishes for March 8 in verse and in emails. To make such congratulations original the attached picture will help. No less attractive and original video greeting cards with wishes in honor of March 8 for women colleagues.

At the sight of our women we freeze,
Employees krashe just can not find!
Congratulations on March 8,
And we wish everyone happiness ahead!


Congratulations, colleagues!
You, beautiful weak sex!
Let the beloved will cover you
This day is a great table!

Let the gifts fall asleep,
Bring let bouquet,
Better than the day of the eighth of March
Definitely not in the world!


You are incredibly beautiful on Women's Day,
I want to wish you a happy life,
To keep up with success,
To cope with any task.


Our dear female colleagues,
Office tactics, strategists!
All with the official women's day!
We sincerely wish to congratulate you!

Among the proposed good wishes for the closest relatives and just familiar women you can find good options for any occasion. For example, beautiful, touching and cute poems or prose can be sent to mother and grandmother, beloved sister. Cool short SMS messages are best suited for congratulating your girlfriend. But universal wishes for March 8 in prose can be sent to both colleagues and teachers. Original examples should be complemented with attractive personal greetings. When sending wishes online, it is recommended to put bright holiday pictures in letters.

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