Beauty Code, or Why Women in the Middle Ages were called Witches

How to find yourself and not be shy about your appearance.

Being beautiful is an art. For this you need to accept yourself, allow yourself to be and declare yourself to the world. Showing our beauty, we launch a powerful stream of events in our life. We talked with a psychologist and energy coach Olga Omir about how to do this.

- Olga, what is beauty? And why is it so important for a woman?

- If you look at the word “beauty” in a search engine on the Internet, then there will be few good associations. It will be “fatal beauty”, “killing beauty”, “fearlessness and beauty”, “tragedy and beauty”. Therefore, it is not surprising that a woman can be ashamed of her beauty: hide her under shapeless clothes, not take care of herself, be ashamed to speak in public, take ugly poses in photos. The roots of all this go much deeper than it might seem at first glance, in the cultural historical past.In Europe, for example, beautiful women were burned at the stake, calling them witches; Russian beauties were forcibly taken to harems. In folk tales, beauties were abducted by a dragon, they were left in the forest, poisoned, put to sleep or sacrificed. Therefore, beauty in our subconscious mind is often associated with danger.

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- And what will happen if a woman is shy of her beauty?

- If the beauty code is not adopted, then the woman closes a whole layer of opportunities that she could realize. This affects relationships and implementation in activities. Beauty is not only appearance. This is the beauty of thought, the beauty of the word, the beauty of the world. When this quality is accepted, everything becomes beautiful. No wonder Shakespeare said: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." His beauty code was adopted and disclosed.

- And what is he, a handsome man with an accepted beauty code?

- A handsome man does not have to have perfect forms. Beautiful can be a complete woman. Or, for example, Nick Vucic does not have arms and legs. But he is handsome. This defies ordinary logic. Beauty is a parameter that connects us with our nature, with our essence. And it becomes the visual design of our energy.Beauty has nothing to do with being quiet or bright, soft or militant. It is simply allowing yourself to be and accepting your essence.

Beauty is not only appearance. This is the beauty of thought, the beauty of the word, the beauty of the world

- Is there a link between depression and beauty?

- Yes, a depressed person sees everything in black, as he does not accept his beauty and the beauty of the world around him. Beauty is three colors: red, green and blue. This is the spectrum with which our visual decoration is created. In fact, all the decorations are created with the help of beauty.

- How can you feel beautiful?

- Beauty in the modern world is mainly worked through plastic, through cosmetic procedures, through image. And the very essence, the inner world of man, does not affect. Since people are afraid to go deep into and work with the collective unconscious. But if this is such a volume of energy with a negative charge, then, transforming it, we can get a huge resource. And thereby discovering in oneself a powerful force, having worked through the negative aspect of beauty, which is stored in our memory as a collective unconscious. I have a special course "Beauty Code", where we dive into beauty and learn to see it in everything, as well as explore ourselves in beauty.

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- In Russia, it is not customary to say compliments. It is believed that if a person is handsome, then he already knows about it. But if nobody tells him about it, how can he know that?

- Yes. We have such a story. But in Europe, for example, they tell a person how beautiful he is. In Italy, they deify beauty altogether. Therefore, sometimes in order to realize your beauty, it is worthwhile to leave the familiar space and express yourself in a new space.

- When we release the unaccepted beauty, what begins to happen in the life of a woman?

- These are the beauty codes that were launched in childhood. And also can come out and that makes a woman feel ugly. If a woman accepts that to be beautiful is safe and it is natural, that a beautiful world is natural, then it is possible to move to another social layer and exit to another level, move to another country. Because there are places that can correspond more to the soul than the place in which the woman lives now.

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