Why dream of beer?

Why dream of beer? Of course, to the joy and new acquaintances, connoisseurs of foam drink say. But not all interpreters of dreams share their confidence. What are the options for the values ​​of this dream in famous dream books?

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What dreams of beer in a dream?
What dreams of beer in a dream?

East Dream

Drinking beer dreams of false friends who will spin intrigue. This will cause distrust of people and frustration in life.


See the line for beer - to abundance and prosperity.

Small Veles dream

Beer in a dream to see - to an unexpected pleasant acquaintance. Pour the drink - to the scandal.

Female dream book

If you dreamed that you were ordering a frothy drink in a cozy bar, wait for great opportunities. Other people in your dream drink beer - to the disappointment and the collapse of hopes.

Dream Miller

According to this dream book, I do not drink beer for real - for ailments or even serious diseases.

Old Russian dream book

If the dreamer is aware of himself in a brewery of gigantic proportions, he will be harassed by the authorities, and unfairly.But in the end he will be able to prove his innocence and even benefit from it. To brew beer yourself is to financial well-being and abundance.

The dream of the medium Hasse

Being treated to a dark beer is a great sign, your financial situation will improve. Light beer is dreaming of news from afar, muddy - to alarm for loved ones, to drink a lot of foamy drink - to win the lottery, to spill - to family troubles.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Anyone who drank beer in a dream, can expect that life will present a romantic surprise. Pouring a drink in cups - financial luck is waiting for you. Beer party in the open air - for a fun carefree pastime in reality.

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