Black pancakes "Halloween in Russian"

Halloween in Russian - specifically for Woman’s Day. Breathe in the age-old Russian and light tradition of a bit of overseas “gothic” and get delicious pancakes of a very black-black color with red-orange caviar. Why not favorite color scheme of the eve of All Saints' Day ?!

Photo: Elena Moskalenko
Milk1 stackWheat flour (top grade)1 stackCuttlefish (ink)4 gramsChicken eggs2 piecesUnsalted butter60 gramsOlive oil30 millilitersSugar1 pinch1 pinch
For filing
Red caviarWatercress
  • Servings:
  • Step 1..

    Sift the flour.

  • Step 2..

    Milk, eggs and softened butter shake in a lush foam.

  • Step 3..

    Add salt, sugar and cuttlefish ink to the milky egg mass - beat well again.

  • Step 4..

    Add flour to the “black” pancake mass in small portions - beat the dough until smooth.

  • Step 5..

    In the finished pancake dough, pour in olive oil, mix well and give it a little distance.

  • Step 6..

    Fry pancakes in a well-heated pancake pan.

  • Step 7..

    Hot pancakes are stacked on each other, abundantly smearing the edges with butter.

  • Step 8..

    Put the finished black pancakes in half, gently roll up a tight “cigar”, cut off uneven edges, set on a slice, put red caviar on top and garnish with cress when serving.

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