What tricks do not go girls for the sake of the perfect figure! Some arrange “hungry days”, others kefir bites salad leaves. But not everyone can endure the constant feeling of hunger in order to lose hateful kilograms. A blood type diet helps to avoid the feeling of hunger, so it may be suitable for those who, because of the scarcity of the diet, experience so-called “breakdowns” (when, giving in to the feeling of hunger, a person begins to eat those foods that were banned on the diet). As a rule, it is sweet, fatty, flour, fried, various snacks. Often, after such breakdowns, losing weight will give up and continue gluttony. Unlike many diets, the menu developed for the blood type diet excludes only those products that are contraindicated for you as the owner of a particular blood group. That is, it is enough to refuse some products - and the weight will gradually start to go away by itself. How does this power system work? In the mid-1990s, an American doctor, D’Adamo, wrote a book stating that products may be compatible and incompatible with a particular blood group.For each of them, he conditionally divided all products into harmful, neutral and useful ones. According to D’Adamo, the human body is tuned to a specific type of diet - one metabolism will accelerate, for example, red meat, while others from it, on the contrary, begin to gain weight. In other words, products for a blood type diet are selected individually. Adhering to this food system, you do not need to strictly limit yourself to food or carefully consider the calories - perhaps this is one of the main advantages. But note that quickly lose weight on this diet is quite difficult. Do not wait for instant results, because the power system is designed to a greater extent on the normalization of metabolism. The doctor who created this diet believed that it would help in the first place to improve the body, cleanse it of toxins and prolong youth. Getting rid of extra pounds is already a side process that occurs due to the normalization of metabolic processes, which undoubtedly contributes to good health and an increase in the overall tone of the body. The blood type nutrition system is more like a lifestyle that will positively affect not only weight, but also well-being: the body will start to work properly.In the reviews about the diet according to the blood group, many people notice that their taste habits and preferences very often coincide with the recommendations of the diet. This is explained by the fact that a person simply did not listen to the signals of the body, who himself knows what is good for him and what is to his detriment. But be that as it may, before starting this or any other diet, it is necessary to consult with an endocrinologist, an allergist and a gastroenterologist. The blood type diet is a relatively young method of losing weight, yet it has gained popularity among many celebrities. For example, the famous supermodel Natalya Vodyanova has been feeding on the blood group for several years, just like her colleague in the shop, supermodel Miranda Kerr.

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