Borsch takes the first place in the first course. All over the world borsch is considered a symbol of our country along with caviar and vodka and enjoys great success in Russian restaurants abroad. And although it is an honor to call borscht its national dish that many nations in the post-Soviet space argue, the championship rightfully belongs to Ukraine. Who has ever tasted the real Ukrainian borscht with donuts cooked in accordance with the original recipe, will remain a fan for the rest of his life. Despite the many sources of borscht recipes with photos and without, each hostess has its own secrets of cooking this dish. For example, older people lay potatoes in borsch, and after it is cooked, take potatoes, knead and return to the pan. Some people like the cabbage (fresh) in a borsch to crunch, so they lay it at the end of cooking. Prepare borscht on the broth: bone, meat, mushroom and vegetable (vegetarian). The assortment of borscht is very large, but the most popular is Ukrainian borscht.A distinctive feature of this borscht recipe (with photos) is that it is cooked with bacon and garlic, and served with mouth-watering pampushkas poured with garlic sauce. Moscow borscht is prepared with a meat set, fleet - in broth with pork smoked meats. Siberian borscht has its own peculiarity - it is cooked with beans. The composition of ingredients depends on the area in which it is prepared. You can find borscht in fish broth, broth from duck, goose, turkey, with apples, zucchini, with the addition of various cereals (buckwheat, millet, etc.). Some gourmets, before cooking soup, stock up horseradish, which is added to the vitality. But despite all the variety of ingredients, the main and unchanged component of the recipe for classic borscht is beets. Many people ask - how to cook soup, so that the color was rich and beautiful? The whole secret of beets, which gives intense color. And prepare it in several ways. Some people boil unpeeled well-washed root vegetables, adding a little vinegar to the water to preserve the color. Someone likes to lay beet stew in borscht.To do this, peeled raw beets are cut into strips and stewed for 40-50 minutes with the addition of vinegar, fat, sugar, tomato and a small amount of broth. And someone prefers to sauté it in a griddle with onions and carrots. Some inexperienced cooks do not know how to cook soup, and make mistakes that affect the taste of this dish. For example, they do not take into account the fact that potatoes cannot be put into broth along with sauerkraut (yes, it is undesirable with fresh), since in an acidic medium it is badly boiled soft and turns out to be tough. Cabbage is better to lay in the soup after the potatoes are cooked until half cooked. It is important to remember that whatever the recipe for the soup is prepared, it must be served with sour cream and greens.

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