Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie went into debt

According to the magazine OK Magazine, the budget of a stellar pair went into minus by $ 35 million.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
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Of course, Brad and Angelina are far from ruin - they have many millions of real estate, however, according to the American edition, who looked into the starry pocket, despite the handsome fees of an actor couple, the habit of luxury living has already led to a negative balance of their family budget. Where do their millions go?

Brad and Angelina House in New Orleans for sale
Photo: East-News / Splash
Photo: East-News / Splash
Photo: East-News / Splash

Their largest investment is in real estate. Brad and Angelina’s immodest homes include a mansion in Italy, bought for $ 40 million, a $ 60 million chateau in France, a house in Los Angeles for $ 1.7 million, and a house in New Orleans, which is now for sale for $ 6, 5 million. "If they do not sell it in the near future, in order to start paying off debts, they will have to part with a house in France," says OK Magazine, one of his sources.

Brad and Angelina are also known as some of the most generous philanthropists in Hollywood.However, the noble gestures of a stellar couple do not contribute to strengthening their budget.

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