Breakfast table: choose a convenient model

Breakfast in bed is associated in our mind with a romantic relationship of a loving couple or with a pleasant surprise, which is associated with some kind of festive occasion. But is it worth waiting for a holiday to make a pleasant loved one? In the desire to luxuriate in bed, there is nothing reprehensible! The ancient Romans and did prefer to eat lying down, but the times are not the same. Therefore, in order to treat your half of your coffee and buns on Sunday morning, you will not have to drag the bed to the dining table. You can do a lot easier by setting a portable breakfast table.

Weekend breakfast

The breakfast table is tiny in size and is ideal for the first cup of morning coffee or tea with croissants, pancakes with jam or milk with muesli. The main feature of most models are the high sides, which hold the dishes on the surface, not letting crumbs or liquids get on the bedding, and a pair of stable legs.Rubber, wood, bamboo, metal, plastic - these comfortable things just don't make! The décor is even more varied; The designer collections include elegant designs of unusual geometric shapes, products with carved sides, hand-painted, mosaic decoration and other delights. For those who like to keep order always, including on a Saturday or Sunday morning in the company of a loved one, bedside tables will be suitable for breakfast. You do not have to litter in bed with crumbs from buns, but you don’t need to leave a heated place to have breakfast. You just have to lower your legs, and - here he is, a favorite morning drink, stands on a table with high legs right next to your bed. There are also more advanced products on sale, in which a round or rectangular tabletop is easily removed from the pedestal stand, instantly turning into a tray.

Breakfast table: simple and multi-functional items

The simplest design resembles a bench on two parallel supports, the options are more complicated to be equipped with folding legs and transformed into a regular tray.In order to use the table with equal convenience, family members of various sizes could use the shopping club at recommends purchasing a model whose height is adjusted by sliding telescopic legs. A folding table for breakfast allows you to combine business with pleasure. Different sliding shelves, tabletop with adjustable tilt, grooves for cups and fruits will turn a relatively simple thing into a universal workplace. Multifunctional designs allow you to work on a laptop, check reports and exercise books, read books and newspapers without getting out from under the blanket, while having a cup of tea and lunch will always be at hand.

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