Brides without prejudice, or 7 sexy wedding dresses

It is time to finish with the misconception that a wedding is a sacred mystery of platonic love, and decide for yourself that if you are not going to get married in a church, then you can choose any outfit, including short, tight and open. And generally, let's not be afraid to combine “wedding dress” and “sexy” in one sentence, because the bride decides whether she wants to show the figure in all its glory on this day or if she likes to hide behind voluminous frills and flounces.

Beige dress

On closer examination, this dress looks like a bustier in combination with a short skirt - everything else is completed by the openwork fabric with geometric patterns, which gives the dress pomp and volume.

Dress Thurley beige

Dress Thurley beige (26 988 rubles at a discount)

Short lace dress

In order to create the effect of a “naked dress”, under which there is nothing, the designers sew lace on a beige background and add cuts for entertainment.Unaccustomed to modern liberated fashion, relatives really might think that you dared to put on transparent lace on a naked body. So be careful ... when compiling the guest list.

Lace For Love & Lemons Short Dress

Short dress from lace For Love & Lemons (19 290 rub.)

Dress with open shoulders

We will dilute the "white guard" with a dress of the color of forget-me-nots, which can quite claim a wedding. It is in this model that we like the trick with two skirts: short in skin color and long from blue chiffon - and the neck with an elastic band, which allows you to adjust the degree of openness of the shoulders to your taste.

Dress Self-Portrait with open shoulders

Self-portrait dress with open shoulders (20 420 rub.)

Dress with flower embroidery

Pastel shades are fraught with some very special magic. It is this outfit with skillfully executed appliqué on lace that is designed to give the impression that the flowers bloom directly on the skin of its owner.

Saylor Dress with Floral Embroidery

Saylor dress with flower embroidery (16 652 rub.)

Dress with cuts

Practical brides should pay special attention to “bare dresses”. After all, after the oaths are uttered and the holiday goes off, you will have a dress for rest on the beach.

Nasty Gal Split Dress

Nasty Gal Split Dress ($ 48 at a discount)

Dress with ruffles

If all the cake dresses looked so tender and delicate as this, then we would stop scolding them. Please note that the frills and transparent inserts are located in strategic places and visually make the chest and hips fuller, and the waist - sleeker.

Vero Moda dress with ruffles

Vero Moda dress with ruffles (9 990 rub.)

Lace top and skirt

Not a dress, but what a spectacular one! This translucent and fairly “naked” outfit will easily turn into a wedding if the ceremony is scheduled for a hot summer and not in the city, but in nature or near a reservoir.

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