Bright and uncomplicated makeup with rhinestones

If you are not afraid of experiments, and also strive to always correspond to fashion trends, then makeup using rhinestones is exactly what you need. With the help of multi-colored iridescent pebbles you can make your image bright and unique, memorable and even mysterious, depending on which version of stones you choose for yourself.

Naturally, everything should be in moderation, and rhinestones are not an exception, because if you overdo it, you can seriously spoil your appearance, look vulgar and even defiant. However, if you take the matter seriously, then everything will work out in the best possible way! So, let's get acquainted with this next fashionable trend.

Naturally, makeup with rhinestones - this is not an everyday option, most often, it is done for holidays, parties or photo shoots, that is, events on which you need to look especially. Today you can buy rhinestones for make-up of a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors, mostly they are sold in the same stores where you usually buy cosmetics.

If you decide to do this make-up, then remember that it should look like a harmonious part of your entire image, and not a single piece torn out, which is not combined with clothes or accessories. If done correctly, the result will exceed all your expectations!

What do we need?

So, how to make makeup with rhinestones? To do this, you need to buy them, be careful, they come in different sizes, ranging from the very tiny (SS12), ending with fairly large copies (SS20).

The same applies to pricing - you can find very cheap artificial pebbles, and you can treat yourself to expensive, but very beautiful Swarovski, you decide. In addition to rhinestones, you will need a special glue (the one that is used for eyelash extensions will also be suitable), as well as black eyeliner.

  • The process itself is completely simple. Initially, think over your image, makeup should be complemented by stones, and not cross out each other. For fidelity, you can be inspired by examples of makeup photos using various rhinestones.
  • It begins with the usual application of the foundation, powder, eye shadow, liner and mascara.After all the makeup is completely ready, you can proceed to sticking rhinestones.
  • With the help of a pencil, place the dots in the place of which the pebbles will be glued. Most often, they are glued to the corners of the eyes, along the line of the eyelid or along the line of the eyeliner, on the forehead, less often on the lips, eyebrows or eyelashes. With the latter, be careful, otherwise removing pebbles, you can be left without a few hairs.
  • Using a special stick, apply glue to the dots, then the excess can be removed with a cotton swab. Remember that it dries quickly, so you need to attach rhinestones quite vigorously, but at the same time, carefully and according to pre-prepared markup. If it is not convenient to apply rhinestones with your hands, then use tweezers.
  • Each pebble needs to be lightly pressed to fix, sequentially go to each rhinestone.
  • Remember that with the help of large stones you can visually increase the size of the eyes, however, they are not recommended to be used in large quantities. Small pebbles become good accents.
  • It is easy to remove rhinestones from the face - for this you can use ordinary milk to remove makeup.
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