Buckwheat flour pancakes with chicken liver pate

Famous chef Alexander Belkovich presents an original recipe for rich buckwheat pancakes with chicken liver pate.

Photo: archive of the press service "House in the village"
Buckwheat flour125 gramsChicken eggs1 pieceSugar30 gramsMilk200 milliliters200 milliliters4 gramsUnsalted butter30 gramsVegetable oil40 milliliters
Chicken liver500 gramsBulb onions150 gramsCream150 milliliters
  • Servings:
  • Flow temperature:Hot dish
  • Processing Type:Roasting
  • Occasion:Everyday
  • Season:year round
  • Step 1.Mix the ingredients.

    In a deep bowl, break the egg, gradually add milk, flour, salt, sugar and water. All products must be at room temperature.

    Melt butter “House in the village” and, while constantly stirring the dough, add it to the bowl and let stand for 5 minutes.

  • Step 2.Fry pancakes.

    Warm up the pan very well - (preferably cast iron), and lubricate it with vegetable oil. Then pour the dough onto it, spreading it evenly over the entire surface.

    Fry the first side of the pancake until it is well tanned, then turn it over and roast the other side quite a bit so that the pancake is not dry.

  • Step 3.Prepare the stuffing.

    In a well-heated frying pan with vegetable oil, fry the onions until half cooked, then add chicken liver, salt, pepper and fry for 3-5 minutes.

    Add cream “House in the village”, add salt and pepper, lower the heat and simmer for 2 minutes, stirring constantly.

    Transfer the contents of the pan to a blender and whisk until a uniform airy consistency.

  • Step 4.Serve the dish.

    Pate generously put on a pancake and wrap the tubes, then cut in half or cut into smaller pieces, like rolls.

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