Business card: stars that do not change their hairstyle

While the podiums dictate new trends in hairstyles and dyeing for the next season, the editors of Woman's Day decided to recall stars that are distinguished by consistency in the choice of haircuts and hair color.
Jennifer Aniston hairstyle, photo
2006, 2015
Photo: Getty

Many years ago, Jennifer repainted blonde with California highlights. After a short time, it turned out that the actress had not miscalculated: Aniston's hairstyle was the object of the desires of a million girls who, even at the time of the TV series “Friends”, went to the hairdresser with photos of the young actress.

A few years later, Jenn's hairstyle became a classic and a star business card.

The constancy of the actress in the image surprises and delights.

In her youth, the star felt very uncomfortable when cosmetic experiments were performed on her, trying new images, and she could not say honestly what she did not like.

In her youth, the actress had complaints about her appearance, like most of the women, but over time, everything went due to the popularity of Rachel Green’s role in Friends.Aniston admits that she feels not like at the age of 20, but began to love herself even more.

Now the actress clearly knows what she wants, and trusts the care of her hair to a star stylist and close friend, Chris Macmillan.

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