Cabbage Salad with Fresh Peas

Photo: Elena Moskalenko
White cabbage500 gramsGreen Peas (fresh)200 gramsRadish50 gramsWasabi2 tbsp.Oil (sunflower unrefined)30 millilitersDill20 gramsCilantro20 gramsfresh mint20 gramsLemon juice2 tbsp.Sugar1 pinch
  • Servings:

Summer idea for the "bean" collection. Young cabbage, spicy greens and milk green peas. With such a salad, it's good and just to have a bite, and go to the nature with kebabs and BBQ.


Wash the cabbage, cut the head in half and finely chop the straw into a slice with a sharp knife.

Sprinkle the cabbage straw with lemon juice, add salt and sprinkle with a pinch of sugar - wring it with your hands and let it stand, so that the cabbage can make juice.

To disassemble milk green peas - to separate peas from pods.

Wash, dry and chop all spicy greens.

Radish wash, grate.

Prepare dressing: mix unrefined sunflower oil and wasabi.

In a working salad bowl, mix cabbage, radish, chopped greens and green peas, pour dressing.

Garnished ready-made cabbage salad with fresh peas with a sprig of mint.

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