Calendar of Great Lent: February 27 - March 5

February 27 will Lent, which will last until April 15. We make the diet in the first week of the post.

Monday, February 27,- a complete rejection of food.

Tuesday, February 28,- in the diet only bread and water.

Wednesday, March 1,- You can eat raw food without oil.

Thursday, March 2,- total abstinence from food.

Friday, March 3,- raw food without oil.

Saturday, March 4th,- hot fast food with vegetable oil.

Sunday, March 5th,- hot fast food with vegetable oil.

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Tips for beginners

Everyone knows that in the Lenten menu there should be no meat, milk, eggs, fish. In other words, banned animal products. A lot of controversy arises about sweets. There is an opinion that during the post you should forget about them. But this is not true. There are many recipes for baking without "prohibited" products. If you are not an avid cook, take a closer look at the store assortment, lean products offer a lot. In addition, it is allowed to eat halva, oatmeal cookies, honey and sugar.

Check yourself

If you decide to fast for the first time, do not tune in to a complete rejection of food of animal origin for the entire seven weeks. First, try to limit the diet for three days. Listen to the body. If there are no negative consequences, you can continue to fast; if you feel sickness, weakness, impaired attention, soften the menu. Add milk, kefir, eggs to it. Be careful with the malnutrition. Raw vegetables are contraindicated for those who suffer from diseases of the stomach.

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