Can I catch TB through food?


The main route of infection with tuberculosis is food

The second place after an airborne infection with tuberculosis is, by its significance, the food route of infection, which is characterized by ingestion of tuberculosis bacilli in the body with food, with dirty outlets of an infected person (through urine, sputum, pus from a fistula) or when milk is consumed raw meat, eggs or meat of domestic animals and poultry not brought to the desired state in the process of cooking. The food route of infection is more often observed in rural conditions, in farms and families where cows, chickens, sheep, geese, ducks and other domestic animals are found.

What way is tuberculosis infection?

What way is tuberculosis infection?

Of particular importance is the entry of tuberculosis bacilli into a living organism through wounded skin (usually in milkmaids, cattlemen, veterinarians in contact with sick animals) and much less intrauterine or through placental infection of the fetus from a sick mother.It should be noted one characteristic feature of tuberculosis as an infectious disease - the extreme dependence of the disease on the massiveness of tuberculosis infection.

Of course, the massiveness of the infection plays a certain role in the frequency and severity of almost all infectious diseases, often in some cases a small spark can produce a large flame; As for tuberculosis, the probability of illness and the severity of the course are in most cases proportional to the massiveness of the primary infection. Slightly exaggerating, we can add that under conditionally equal circumstances, the probability of getting sick with tuberculosis and the severity of the disease in a person whose body has 200 tubercle sticks is twice as high as a person whose body has 100 sticks.

chance of getting tuberculosis

This pattern is proved by clinical observations, as well as experimental studies of many scientists. Bruno Lange’s experiments are very convincing in this respect: he used the nebulizer to create various concentrations of sputum of a tuberculosis patient in the air of the rooms where the guinea pigs, the most sensitive animals to tuberculosis, were kept.Where the concentration was low, not one mumps fell, where the average concentration — 3 out of 16 got sick, and where there was a high concentration, 6 out of 11 animals fell ill. It is noteworthy that the same pattern is noted in the conditions of human hostel.

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