Can I give figurines

A beautiful custom to present to the hero of the occasion interesting surprises lasts for hundreds of years. A lot of souvenirs make it possible to please close people. Bright accessories and memorable decor items have become one of the most popular gifts.

The birth of tradition to give figurines

Historians cannot name the date of manufacture of the first figurines depicting deities or animals. According to scientists, their appearance is associated with the belief of people in the forces of nature. Figurines are invariably present in tombs, on the ruins of temples and fortifications. The finds are primarily ritual meanings. As an assistant, the ancient masters used:

  • clay;
  • stone;
  • bones of fish and animals
  • wood;
  • metals.

Interesting!A significant find is Venus of Willendorf. Archaeologists believe that the figure was created in the 22nd or 24th millennium BC.

The statuette acquired its interior value only in the Renaissance.During this period, the master finally freed from the influence of the church and engaged in creativity. Among the most famous are the works of Leonardo da Vinci. The legendary inventor chose wax as a material. His works carried sacred meaning. After the death of the creator, the figures were cast in bronze. Copies of the works of the mysterious genius are still popular with collectors.

The preferences of Europeans were greatly influenced by trade relations with China. From the East, the first porcelain dolls arrived in Western countries. Fine work won the hearts of true connoisseurs. The figurine has become a welcome, but extremely expensive gift. Souvenirs were presented to royals, aristocrats and officials. The presence in the setting of the accessory spoke about the solvency of the owner of the house.

Disclosure of the secret of porcelain production contributed to the spread of products in Europe and Russia. Johann Kendler's Meissen manufactory allowed Westerners to assemble their own collections of elegant figurines. Many of them survived to this day and are antiques.

What the statuettes give to: a little about symbolism

The range of souvenirs is growing annually. Connoisseurs offer classic options and works of modern art. Wide selection remains and materials. To avoid mistakes allows following uncomplicated rules. A gift should be appropriate, to meet the recipient's general ideas about beauty and aesthetics. Of considerable importance is the nature of the relationship with the hero of the occasion.

The souvenir will be a good solution when it comes to people who are interested in esotericism. In this case, help to choose statuettes as a gift signs:

  • Symbols of good luck. Success brings figures depicting totem animals and plants. Fortune favors the owners of compositions dedicated to take-off, movement or overcoming obstacles.
  • A Magnet of Good News. Good news will attract the model of the sailboat. It is recommended to place a mockup or a ship figure in the hallway.
  • Ward for luck. In the role of the keeper of home comfort acts cat. Such figurines are traditionally presented to family people.
  • A guarantor of well-being. Business partners can be presented as souvenirs of miniature Indian elephants or frogs. These animals symbolize prosperity.The presence of accessories in the interior helps to strengthen the business and career growth.

Important!Fine matter researchers recommend preferring smooth, flowing and rounded shapes. Avoid overlapping lines, elements of the elements of destruction, grotesque or aggressive images.

Good Tone Rules: Can I Give Figurines to Colleagues

The greatest number of questions is the choice of a present to business partners. In relations with such people it is impossible to cross the line, and therefore the souvenir must remain restrained. Respect becomes the main focus here.

If you intend to pleasantly surprise a colleague, you should choose something truly original. - it is always interesting, fresh and elegant. The following solutions remain relevant:

  • miniature symbols of successful business, strong alliances and stability;
  • custom busts;
  • complex compositions of a neutral theme.

Optimal materials will be bronze or metal alloys with the effect of patina.In an office setting, the products look presentable and easy to emphasize. Stylish decor items are not out of fashion.

In conclusion, we note the versatility of the solution. Figurines will be an excellent gift for both men and women. There are no age restrictions here. The range is wide, and therefore there is a suitable accessory for each hero of the occasion. Moreover, a souvenir can have a certain context, understandable only to a limited circle of people.

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