Can I take a hot bath?

Many of us love to bask in the hot tub, especially when it’s cold outside, and the bath is so warm and relaxing. The benefits of a hot bath are well known. The only thing that you should not take it, plunging completely, and lie in it for hours. Bath tones, relaxes, strengthens health, disinfects. But is it always possible to take a bath with hot water?

It is no secret that many of us often commit self-healing. We love various folk remedies that our friends and neighbors advised us, and if something hurts, we try to warm the sore spot with dry heat or a hot bath. And sometimes this treatment brings us to the hospital. So is it possible to take a hot bath for some diseases?

With a cold

A hot bath with a cold can be helpful. The temperature of the water in the hot tub at the same time should be 37-38 degrees. You can add mustard water or decoctions of herbs. With prolonged tracheitis or prolonged bronchitis, such a bath will help the release of sputum. This bath is better to take at night and go to bed after it. However, there are contraindications for this procedure.

A hot bath at body temperature above 37 degrees is contraindicated, since hot water can provoke an even greater increase in body temperature. Also, do not treat the bathroom for hypertension, heart problems.

With cystitis

Hot baths for cystitis are not recommended by doctors. This treatment can provoke worsening of the disease, increase the growth of bacteria - the causative agents of the disease, and the temperature of the body can rise. With cystitis, you can make hot foot baths, and then only if your doctor recommends.

With hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are unpleasant things, and not everyone will go to the doctor with this disease, but in vain. Many treat hemorrhoids hot bathrooms with infusions and decoctions of various herbs. These baths relieve pain, contribute to the outflow of blood from the nodes, relieve inflammation and itching. But you should not conduct the procedure in too hot water, it is better to let the water be 35-37 degrees.

With monthly

Many women, lovers of baths, are concerned about the question whether it is possible to take a hot bath during menstruation. A bath at a water temperature of 34-36 degrees promotes relaxation, relieves pain, especially if you add aroma oil, decoction of chamomile or mint.Too hot water can increase blood circulation in the uterus and increase the intensity of secretions, which is not very good.

During pregnancy

If over the course of your pregnancy, everything is in order, then you can take a bath. The main thing is that the water was not hot, and the time spent in it should not exceed 15 minutes. A hot bath as well as steaming your feet can cause miscarriage, so be very careful.


Both women and men are subject to general restrictions on hot baths associated with their general health. However, if a man is planning a child, then he should refrain from taking hot baths, since hot water adversely affects the maturation of spermatozoa.

Summarizing the above, we can say that hot baths are useful, but not for everyone, and not always. Therefore, take care of your health and do not self-medicate.

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