Can you talk on the phone?

Talking on the phoneThe ability to properly speak on the phone is a very important matter

Some people just do not know how to talk on the phone. Then you hear each interlocutor sigh, champ; or the person speaks so quietly that it seems as if he is on the other side of the world. Some do not know how to listen: they lively agree, but at the same time they can clearly hear the interlocutor's fingers running over the keyboard.


So it should not be!

Communication between people requires adherence to a few simple rules. First, for full communication, we need two: the one who speaks and the one who listens. The task of the first is to convey information clearly and correctly, the task of the second is to listen carefully to what is being said to him and to respond adequately. Simple, right? But do we follow these rules?

As we talk, we mumble, shout, whisper, speak with our mouth full. Listening, we do not hear the interlocutor and do not think about his questions.


Any of us can get tired and distract from work for a while.It happens that it is at such an inopportune moment that the phone rings. But no matter how tired you are, you are responsible for what and how you say, and for the way you listen and what you answer. Studies show that the main cause of customer dissatisfaction is the indifference and rudeness of the company's employees during a telephone conversation.


Speak clearly, listen carefully. If you lack communication skills, practice with someone close to you. Hold the phone so that you can hear well. Do not forget that telephone microphones, if you hold the tube close to your face, give the voice an ominous snake hiss.


Learn to listen. If they call you, turn off all devices that create noise and distract attention, including the radio and computer. Do not talk at the same time and on the phone, and with colleagues, pay full attention to the conversation on the phone.


Even if you closed the handset with your hand, you can still hear on the other end of the wire.


Some employees think that talking to several people at the same time gives them a businesslike look. In fact, this demonstrates their vanity and disrespect for the interlocutors.If you cannot interrupt your work or have an important conversation with your boss, just don’t pick up the phone! Let the caller dictate a message to voicemail.

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