Cashmere Clothing Care Rules

Cashmere clothes are so nice to wear! But they are not easy to care for. But it depends on the right care how long the clothes will serve and how they will look. And how to take care of cashmere things? Let's figure it out!

How to wash cashmere things?

Basic rules for washing:

  • It is best to perform washing after about 4-8 socks. If cashmere things are literally “zanashivat”, then they quickly lose their original appearance and become extremely unattractive.
  • Handwash is most preferred. The water temperature should not exceed 20-30 degrees, at higher values, cashmere can simply sit down. Carefully choose a powder. It is advisable to purchase a liquid detergent intended for delicate and delicate fabrics (the completely undissolved granules of the powder can become entangled in the villi or damage the material). Before immersing clothes in the pelvis, make sure that the composition is completely dissolved. All movements must be accurate.Do not stretch the thing, do not twist it.
  • If you decide to carry out cleaning of outer clothing, for example, a cashmere coat, then it is best to take it to dry cleaning. If it is not dirty, just wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Strong pollution is better to remove as quickly as possible, namely in the first few minutes. Even after a few hours, removing the cashmere stain will be very difficult.
  • Before washing, be sure to read the information on the label of the item. Diligent manufacturers make recommendations for care. Among them you can find the recommended modes of washing, temperature values ​​and the possibility of ironing.
  • If the item can be washed in a washing machine, then select the most gentle mode with the minimum number of revolutions, the lowest temperature and no spin.
  • Use a softening conditioner.
  • Do not change the temperature during the wash, cashmere may be deformed due to sudden changes.
  • Rinse the item thoroughly to remove any residual detergent. The water should be completely clear and transparent.

How to dry?

If you want to figure out how to care for clothes from cashmere, then you will be interested to know that such things can deteriorate due to improper drying.

And how to dry cashmere clothes?

  • In no case do not squeeze the thing after washing, gentle cashmere will not tolerate twisting, its fibers can easily be damaged with such an aggressive procedure.
  • Remove excess fluid using towels, preferably terry. Just put the item on one towel, cover the other with the top and gently press it.
  • Do not leave cashmere clothes to dry near heating appliances or in the sun; they can sit down.
  • Before drying, spread the thing well, especially the seams.
  • Do not hang cashmere clothes on cords or dryers! Put it on a horizontal flat surface (for example, on a table) and leave it until it is completely dry.

How to iron?

If ironing is unacceptable, then put a damp gauze on the thing and iron it well with a barely warm or completely cold iron. If ironing is allowed, then select the most delicate mode. In any case, ironed cashmere clothing should be on the wrong side. You can add steam, but a little. It will allow to extend the life of the thing and avoid the formation of pellets.

How to store?

Storage is equally important, because if it is wrong, things will quickly deteriorate.

Some important storage rules are:

  • Only clean and absolutely dry things in the closet.
  • Be sure to protect things from moths. Use for this modern means without a sharp smell.
  • It is not necessary to place cashmere clothes on hangers, it can lead to stretching of the fibers and stretching the material. But if you have a cashmere dress, you can hang it on special soft or inflatable hangers, placing it in a case that will protect not only from dust and moth, but also from excessive stretching.
  • Roll up your clothes so that no obvious creases form, it is not easy to get rid of them.
  • It is best to put each item in a separate bag or case made of cloth or paper. Storage in cellophane bags is harmful and unacceptable.
  • Fold clothes loose, so that they do not crumple.
  • Cashmere quickly absorbs odors, so it is better to remove things on a separate shelf, removed from other sharp-smelling items and clothing.

How to wear?

Wearing cashmere things also need to properly.

  1. First, do not wear the thing for too long and constantly. After removing it, gently straighten and place on a horizontal surface for a day.So the clothes will “relax” from the body and become ventilated, and all the formed folds will disappear by themselves.
  2. Secondly, it is better to remove the coils formed immediately, since then it will be much more difficult to do so. You can carefully cut them with scissors or a blade (be careful not to damage the delicate and thin fibers of the material). But it is better to use a special machine.
  3. Third, do not wear tight belts and accessories with protruding parts with the cashmere thing. The first can lead to creasing, and the second, caught on the fabric, can damage it.
  4. Fourth, you should not spray perfume on cashmere clothes. It is better to sprinkle a small amount of toilet water on the body five to ten minutes before putting it on.

Let cashmere clothes serve for a long time and remain the same as before!

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